The Advantages of Fusion Stone Over Other Siding Options

décembre 10, 2015

Thinking of siding for your home? There are advantages of using stone veneer from Fusion Stone instead of natural stone, vinyl, wood, cement, stucco and brick.  Fusion Stone, a stone veneer product, is:

  • Less expensive than natural stone – In fact, the cost of manufactured stone veneer (MSV) products like Fusion Stone are about half the cost of buying and installing natural stone.
  • Lighter in weight than natural stone – Fusion Stone weighs only 10-13 lbs per square foot, making it easier and faster to install. Plus, because it’s so much lighter it needs less structural support than natural stone.
  • Fire resistant, unlike wood and other siding options – Check with your insurance company to see if they will offer you a discount for using Fusion Stone.
  • Considered an upgrade, adding curb appeal to your home – Stone veneer and natural stone will add huge curb appeal to your property, which can increase your home’s value and help generate interest if you want to sell it. The best part about Fusion Stone is that you’ll spend less than you would on natural stone siding, but it will look the same – only experts can spot the difference.
  • A better insulator – Fusion Stone is a better insulator than other siding options, which means you’ll spend less heating your house and your family will be more comfortable from one season to the next.
  • Maintenance free – Did you know that some siding options like wood, stucco and vinyl require maintenance over time? Fusion Stone is maintenance free and won’t require general repairs. If you’ve installed it properly and a stone is damaged you’ll be covered through its lifetime warranty.
  • Mould resistant – Fusion Stone is mould resistant, unlike vinyl siding which is susceptible to mould and grime over time.
  • Fade resistant – You’ll find that vinyl siding, wood, brick and stucco will eventually fade.
  • Weather resistant –  Vinyl siding is extremely vulnerable to weather damage and creates excess noise on windy days. You’ll find that Fusion Stone will stand up to harsh weather.
  • Easy to install – Fusion Stone was designed for homeowners to install themselves and comes in an easy-to-install DIY kit, making it more convenient and affordable than other siding options.

With a lifetime warranty, a wide choice of stones and colours and easy, do-it-yourself installation, Fusion Stone is one of the top siding choices for homeowners. Get our installation guide, product catalogue and other helpful DIY tips and find a dealer near you to shop for Fusion Stone for your home siding project.