Four Ways to Use Fusion Stone Outside

mars 13, 2018

We’re at that dreary part of the year where it feels like summer will never get here, but we only have a few months to go! In anticipation, now is a great time to start thinking about DIY projects that you can undertake to add some flare to your home. Here are a few easy outdoor DIY projects that don’t require a lot of tools, time or experience:


With our patented clip system stone veneer, replacing your home’s façade has never been easier.

Design styles have changed drastically over the decades but just because your house may have been built many years ago, doesn’t mean it has to continue looking that way. Consider replacing your siding with one of our three stone veneer products (Great Lakes is a popular choice) to give your home a contemporary look.

Looking for something both up-to-date and traditional? Peninsula Ledgestone is a great choice because it is modern, but still has the strong, traditional and rugged characteristics of stone.

Outdoor Sitting Areas

Patio – This summer, turn your backyard into an oasis that you’ll enjoy spending time in. Patio stone is a great way to help define separate entertaining areas. Or, build beautiful pathways throughout your garden (which will help save your turf). A retaining wall can add safety to multi-level backyards, or additional privacy depending on your property’s needs.

Fire pit, water feature or kitchen island – Fusion Stone is a great choice for anyone who loves entertaining outdoors. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful fire pit for the cottage, add a water feature, or create an outdoor kitchen complete with a weather-proof backsplash, Fusion Stone will keep your backyard looking interesting and beautiful.

Chimney and Fireplace

Update Your Chimney – Old and worn-down chimneys are an eyesore, but it’s very simple to give yours a simple makeover. Since Fusion Stone can be applied to your existing structure, it’s a simple DIY project (if you don’t mind heights).

Fireplace – Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful new trend that provide a place of warmth and comfort so you can use your outdoor space no matter the temperature. With Dry- Stack, you can build a fireplace that will be an inviting outdoor spot for your family and visitors.


House – Skirting is integral for the lower portion of homes that are otherwise exposed to snow, rain, cold air or animals. Using Fusion Stone will add colour, texture and contour to your home, not to mention added insulation and protection from mother nature.

Deck –With a stone skirt you can ensure that animals don’t make a home under your deck.

Style and functionality can be added anywhere! With Fusion Stone, your imagination is the only limit for how you can transform your home’s outdoor space. With our DIY guides and videos, you can transform your outdoors with a simple weekend project.

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