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juillet 5, 2016

At Fusion Stone we strive to provide a high level of support to our customers. Fusion Stone has informative resources for consumers that are completely free. For every stage of your Fusion Stone project, from concept to delivery, you can take advantage of Fusion Stone’s online resources including:

Installation Videos

Whether admiring the stone up close for yourself, or watching an informative video, when it comes to Fusion Stone, seeing is believing. Check out Fusion Stone’s installation videos to discover just how simple DIY Fusion Stone really is! Once you start your project, refer back to the videos for tips and step by step installation instructions. All Fusion Stone videos are available at FusionStone.ca or on YouTube.

Installation Guides and Installation Drawings

Videos are great for people who are visual, but for people who like to read instructions, Fusion Stone’s Installation Guides may be preferable. These PDFs are completely free and available at FusionStone.ca. From start to finish and every step in between, they provide you with all the information you need to complete your project.

Blog and Social Media

Like us on Facebook, follow us Twitter, and find us on Google+ for all of the latest Fusion Stone, news, offers and promotions. Get inspired with photos of stunning Fusion Stone projects on Pinterest and Houzz, and watch informative videos on YouTube. Check out our blog for the latest Fusion Stone ideas, discussions, facts and information.

We want to hear from you! Connect with us on social media to share your ideas, photos, Fusion Stone success stories and keep current with all of the latest Fusion Stone updates.

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