Fusion Stone Demo Tour a Popular Attraction

août 1, 2017

Installing Fusion Stone thin stone veneer is quick and easy.

To reinforce that point, this summer Fusion Stone is including upwards of 100 stops at building supply retailers across Ontario as part of the 2017 Fusion Stone Demo Tour. Watch for the Fusion Stone Hummer – it’s hard to miss.


If seeing is believing, then doing is that much better. That’s the idea behind the Demo Tour – give people the chance to actually try for themselves to see how fast and convenient it is to apply Fusion Stone thin stone veneer.

Our team has been thrilled with the response Fusion Stone has been getting. People of both genders and all ages, including contractors are enthusiastically participating and wanting to learn more about Fusion Stone.

On top of that everyone is encouraged to enter the Fusion Stone contest for a chance to win $5,000 worth of Fusion Stone. Go to www.winfusion.ca for your chance to win.

Keep your eyes open for the Fusion Stone Hummer and find out for yourself how easy it is to install. Or simply visit your local building supply retailer – there are over 1,500 in Canada that carry Fusion Stone.

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