Fusion Stone – Installation Made Easy

septembre 14, 2016

There are so many reasons to choose Fusion Stone. It is great value, environmentally friendly and looks beautiful, but even more remarkable is that this amazing material is also easy to install. Why is Fusion stone easy to install? Traditional stone requires specialized tools which are heavy duty and expensive, not to mention the extensive masonry experience required for proper installation. Fusion Stone, on the other hand has been designed for simple installation.

How simple is it to install Fusion Stone? Decide for yourself. We’ve broken down Fusion Stone installation into four easy steps:


Choose your project and select your Fusion Stone
Fusion Stone can be installed inside or outside. It is perfect for kitchen backsplashes, full house wraps, or accent walls. With Fusion Stone you can turn a backyard eyesore (like an old shed) into a rustic focal point. Whether you want to update your cottage’s exterior or create a stone wine cellar, you have a lot of options, and two beautiful Fusion Stone textures to choose from. Fortunately, it is easy to compare Fusion Stone types and brainstorm project ideas with the resources available on Fusion Stone’s website (check out the DIY area), blog and smartphone app.

Get your materials and tools

Before you get started you need to order your Fusion Stone. Measure the surface that you want to cover to determine how much Fusion Stone you need.

Your Fusion Stone will arrive with most of the necessary materials, namely: steel clips, drill bit, screws, and the starter strips. For outdoor installation you will need code approved, waterproof and breathable substrate to ensure that water does not leak through.

You will also need:

  • A saw or grinder fitted with a masonry blade Step Two: Install the starter strips
  • Safety goggles
  • Plywood or OSB
  • A level
  • A tape measure
  • Power drill

Step One: Prepare the surface


Once you have all of your materials organized it is time to get started. Fusion Stone can be installed directly onto either plywood or OSB substrate. For outdoor installations ensure that you have secured the code approved, weather resistant barrier.

Step Two: Install the starter strips


You will be installing the starter strips at the base of the wall, as well as above windows and doors. Use your level to ensure that the starter strip is level and then install it using your drill and the provided screws.

Step Three: Start at the corner

Once your starter strips are installed you will want to build out starting from the corner. Stack the Fusion Stones by alternating long and short stones.

Step Four: Finish your installation with the right clips

When installing the stone remember that 8” stones require two clips at the bottom and one on top, 12” and 20” stones require two clips on the top and bottom. As you complete your Fusion Stone project, the last stone in every row may need to be cut to length with your saw or grinder.

Give Fusion Stone a try. It’s as simple as one, two, three, four.

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