Fusion Stone – Products Update

novembre 21, 2017

When considering that perfect look for your home, both inside and out, Fusion Stone offers a range of products, that you can easily install yourself, to meet just about every desire. Having such choice though can make it a little difficult to decide which option to choose.
Here’s a handy update of all Fusion Stone veneer products.

Great Lakes

Great Lakes stone veneer adds a timeless and traditional look to any and every property. The installation of the rugged, uneven stone pattern transforms any surface into a thing of beauty your friends will envy.

Install Great Lakes inside or outside – it will look great on exterior walls, as a fireplace façade, backsplash or feature wall. However, you choose to use Great Lakes in one or more of its four stunning colours (Brindle, Carbon, Raven, Fawn) it is certain to enhance the current look of your house.

Easy to install with no mortar, Great Lakes is Fusion Stone’s top selling option.


As the name suggests, Dry-Stack  stone veneer is another mortar-free option from Fusion Stone. Offering a less rugged look than Great Lakes, Dry-Stack might be considered to be more subtle and nuanced but every bit as good looking.

Available in two colours (Caramel and Charcoal), this stacked stone veneer is easy to install and perhaps a conservative, more understated choice for properties in urban surroundings.

Dry-Stack discreetly modifies the existing look of your property rather than dramatically changing it and is easy and clean to install anywhere.

Peninsula Ledgestone

The newest member of the Fusion Stone line up, Peninsula Ledgestone was developed to appeal to those looking for stone but with a decidedly contemporary look.

Peninsula Ledgestone is characterized by tightly stacked, variable length runs of moderate width; each run is somewhat offset from the next both vertically and horizontally.

Available in two modern colour choices (Cyprus, Grotto), Peninsula Ledgestone is the perfect way to make an up-to-date statement with the traditional strength and appeal of stone.


Fusion Stone is a complete system that includes finishing touches that will show off your project to its greatest advantage. Our creative accessory items include electrical outlet surrounds, exterior light faceplates, sills, window and door surrounds, sills, hearthstones and name/address plates, all of which integrate seamlessly into the overall design and complete your Fusion Stone vision.

Get with the system

With such a range of products, Fusion Stone really is the complete stone veneer system. Whichever style you choose, the installation can be done anywhere, anytime, and on any surface. It is the DIY project you can actually do yourself, and all comes with the confidence of a lifetime guarantee.

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