Fusion Stone Versatility

avril 26, 2017

Homes, cottages, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, exterior walls…is there anything that Fusion Stone can’t enhance?

There are many reasons homeowners choose Fusion Stone as their material of choice for a variety of projects. Fusion Stone is:

  • Lightweight compared to traditional stone, which means that it can be installed virtually anywhere.
  • Inexpensive compared to other building materials.
  • Easy to install so no specialty tools or skills are required and most everything you need comes with your Fusion Stone kit.
  • Versatile so it can be installed throughout the year on new and old buildings.
  • Safe to use and protects your home from water and other environmental damage; it is also fire resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly and LEED certified so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Contractors love Fusion Stone for the same reasons as homeowners. It is lightweight, easy to install, and unlike real stone there is no need to hire subcontractors with specialty experience working with stone. That means that contractors can cut costs and time, while still delivering fantastic results that leave clients smiling.

With so many benefits, is it any wonder that Fusion Stone is one of the most versatile building materials on the market?

Choose Your Style

Fusion Stone comes in two great styles, Great Lakes and Dry-Stack. Great Lakes is the bestselling Fusion Stone style for a reason: it has an authentic stacked stone appearance and comes in four distinct colours including Brindle, Carbon, Raven, and Fawn.

Dry-Stack takes its name from Fusion Stone’s mortar-free installation process. It has a tighter, more finished appearance than Great Lakes and comes in two colours, Caramel and Charcoal, to fit your colour scheme.

Built for Traditional and Modern Designs

Both Great Lakes and Dry-Stack styles are equally versatile, but generally Great Lakes is popular for achieving a rustic, more traditional appearance, while Dry-Stack is tighter and cleaner looking, making it the ideal choice for your modern design.

Fusion Stone mirrors the natural environment, and brings the outdoors inside, which is why it’s such a popular choice amongst cottage owners. The natural look and feel of stone adds a warmth and authenticity to any cottage.

Fusion Stone is perfect for homes and cottages of all sizes and styles. The timeless appeal of stone means that whether you are going for a sleek modern look, or rustic homey feel you’ll find a Fusion Stone style to fit your needs.

Give a Strong First Impression

In business appearances matter. Stone exudes strength, dependability, history, and permanence, all of which are qualities that you want clients to associate with your business.

Fusion Stone is tough enough to resist the elements and unlike some other stone veneer has the same colour all the way through, so chipping it won’t reveal a dull grey interior.

Where Have You Used Fusion Stone?

The kitchen, bathroom, wine cellar or library. We’d love to know where you’ve used Fusion Stone. Share your story, pictures and design ideas with us below.

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