Fusion Stone’s LEED Compliance Helps Homeowners Go Green

août 26, 2015

Architects, designers and contractors have been taking advantage of environmentally friendly products in building projects for years, but now with the eco home trend spreading, every day home owners are looking for eco friendly products they can work with at home.

Fusion Stone is manufactured by Shouldice Designer Stone, which supports the principles of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is a rating system first devised by the United States Green Building Council and which has been adopted to Canadian Standards. Details on LEED Canada Standards are available from the Canada Green Building Council.

The LEED program is a standardized system that evaluates the energy and environmental performance of buildings with the goal of encouraging sustainable design, improving occupant well-being, environmental impacts and economic returns of new buildings. Products like Fusion Stone which are LEED compliant earn points in the six LEED categories which help contribute to a project’s overall LEED certification.
Fusion Stone is LEED Compliant

Fusion Stone products earn LEED credits in ten ways. This means that if you use Fusion Stone in your construction or renovation project you will earn LEED points, contributing to LEED certification for your project. These ten areas include:

  • The Mass Factor for Energy Performance (EA category)
  • Construction Waste Management (MR category)
  • Recycled Content (MR category)
  • Local/Regional Material Use (MR category)
  • Durable Building (MR category)
  • Flexible by Design (ID category)
  • Fire Resistance (ID category)
  • Building with Minimal Maintenance (ID category)
  • Resource Protection (ID)
  • Designed for Disassembly (ID)

The aggregates used to produce Fusion Stone are manufactured from nature’s natural stone reserves which were created millions of years ago. These stones are processed to an aggregate that is blended with:

  • Recycled reserves
  • Cement
  • Iron oxide colours
  • Stabilizing ingredients

Manufactured with the same composition of materials that are used in load bearing construction projects like high-rise buildings and bridge overpasses, the end result is a strong stone product that is as beautiful as any natural stone, but also offers a guaranteed lifetime of performance.

12 Reasons Fusion Stone Is A Superior Eco Friendly Product
You’ll be hard pressed to find a stone product that is as high quality and environmentally friendly as Fusion Stone. Fusion Stone is eco friendly in a variety of ways which contribute to the LEED point system, including:

  • Efficient energy performance resulting in heating and cooling savings
  • Capture, treatment and recycling during the manufacturing processes provides minimal impact on the environment
  • Stone may be crushed and recycled during the manufacturing process or anytime during the life of the stone
  • Stone is manufactured with the maximum percentage of recycled raw materials that will not affect the quality of the stone
  • No toxic emissions are produced in the Fusion Stone manufacturing process
  • All excess water during manufacturing is treated and reused
  • All natural aggregates used in manufacturing Fusion Stone are located at the manufacturing complexes and the major North American markets are within 800 km by road or 2400 km by rail, which reduces the overall environmental impact
  • Fusion Stone is extremely durable and strong
  • Fusion Stone products can be used on intricate designs while reducing additional load bearing structural capacity
  • Fusion Stone will not burn which results in additional safety features for occupants
  • Minimal maintenance is required on Fusion Stone products
  • Fusion Stone is easy to disassemble with common power tools

Whether you’re working on a project that requires LEED compliance or you’re just passionate about making positive environmental decisions in your home, Fusion Stone is a superior stone product that provides numerous benefits for consumers as well as the Earth. Find a Fusion Stone dealer today to learn more about Fusion Stone’s LEED compliance.

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