Get Outdoors this Spring with a DIY Project That Will Improve Your Curb Appeal

avril 6, 2016

Springtime means that home owners can finally emerge from winter hibernation to do the necessary seasonal yard work and garden prep. But this may be the year to add an outdoor DIY project to your spring to-do list – especially if you’re planning on selling your home.
Here are 4 amazing outdoor projects to consider adding to your spring to-do list.

1. Re-facing your home’s exterior facade

Did you know that improving your home’s exterior can add $10, 000 to $15, 000 dollars to its value? If your home’s exterior facade is currently siding, stucco, brick or even a combination of these then consider giving it a valuable facelift this spring. Take a look at the difference Fusion Stone made to these homes!

2. Outdoor social centre

Love to entertain outdoors? Transform your outdoor bar or entertainment area into something your friends will admire and talk about. There is no restriction on what you can do other than your own imagination. With several Fusion Stone styles and colours to choose from you can make a very traditional statement or express a more contemporary vision. Either way, this will be where you, your family and your friends will want to hang out.

3. Outdoor fire pits, BBQs and fireplaces

Extend your outdoor season and enjoy more beautiful evenings under the stars with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. With an outdoor fireplace you can enjoy a Canadian camping experience complete with Smores, marshmallows, grilled meat and beer without leaving the comfort of your back yard. If you’re considering adding a BBQ, fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor entertaining space then check out Fusion Stone’s heat resistant products.

4. Sheds

You won’t believe the difference that Fusion Stone will make to the look and durability of your shed. Our mould and weather-resistant products will breathe new life into even the most tired and outdated sheds. Take a look at the difference Fusion Stone made to this backyard shed.

From large to small projects, Fusion Stone has the accessories and materials to help make your next outdoor DIY project a success. Find a dealer near you to order your materials and get started!

5. Home entryway

They say big things can come in small packages. Nothing could better exemplify that than the big change Fusion Stone can make to the overall impression your home makes when focused solely on the entryway.

Relative to the entire house, the entryway only comprises a small portion but because of its location, everyone sees it every time they walk by or come to the door. Whether a door surround or enhancing the appearance of pillars, Fusion Stone will add something very special to your entryway that your friends will notice and in which you will take pride.

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