January Feature Project – Wine Cellar

janvier 22, 2016

This first, in a series of monthly feature projects, is a great way to introduce or re-introduce you to the amazing things that can be done with Fusion Stone veneer. You can install Fusion Stone by yourself, quickly, easily and affordably and just look at the stunning result.

This wine cellar project was conceived and executed by Jim Caruk, well known renovation guru. It’s a fantastic demonstration of how you can transform bare concrete walls into a beautiful, intimate, personal and high-class escape and entertainment area.

fusion great lakes brindle stone wine cellar

This project utilizes Fusion Stone Great Lakes profile in the popular Brindle colour. We think that you will agree it is a great choice. Its warm tones clearly complement the natural wood in the countertop and floor. Note also that the cooler tones in Brindle reflect the black wine cabinet and chairs. Dim lighting and tasteful selection and placement of accessories produce a rustic and romantic ambiance. All of the design elements, dominated by Fusion Stone, work seamlessly to result in a memorable, unique and stunning space.


As the video demonstrates, the installation of Fusion Stone is a simple and uncomplicated process. All you really need is a drill, a level and a cutting tool. The included stainless steel clips and screws and complete installation instructions make for a no surprises project you will be proud of.


As spectacular as this project is, there are countless other impressive ways to transform your surroundings, both inside and out, with Fusion Stone. Feature walls, backsplashes, kitchen island surrounds, outdoor shed walls and BBQ features are just the beginning. There is really no end to the possibilities. Let your imagination soar.

And remember, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also maintenance-free, guaranteed for life and available at over 1,500 building supply retailers across Canada.

Nothing could be simpler or more beautiful – try Fusion Stone today! You’ll be “Hooked for Life”.

Watch for our next feature project in February.

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