Keeping You Informed

août 7, 2018

A well-informed customer is one of the greatest assets a business can possess. We believe the more you know about the superior quality and other great features of Fusion Stone, the more likely you are to purchase our products, be happy with them and share your positive experience with family and friends.

We thought it may be interesting to share with you some of the things we do to communicate the Fusion Stone story.

An obvious place to begin is the Fusion Stone website. Most people will begin their product research with a visit to the web site. We are continually improving our site as technologies improve, consumer expectations evolve and as we introduce new products and programs.

We publish 4 blogs every month that can be found on our website. You are reading one right now. These blogs provide information about Fusion Stone projects and installation and up to date industry information we hope will make an informed buying decision easier and faster. Our website archives these blogs so one can search for specific topics.

We post an email every month that shares our blogs and other helpful, newsworthy information with a select list of recipients. Visit the website and sign up to join our email list.

Consumer Shows
We value the opportunity to get face-to-face with customers. Consumer shows provide that opportunity and give potential customers a chance to see for themselves just how easy Fusion Stone is to install.

Demo Tour
Speaking of face-to-face interaction, the Fusion Stone Demo Tour that operates throughout the spring and summer months in Ontario and Quebec is hugely popular with both consumers and retail stores that sell Fusion Stone. To find out if the Fusion Stone Demo Tour Team and custom Hummer is visiting near you check out the web site for the most up-to-date schedule.

We provide displays to our retail partners to ensure that both their customers and ours are exposed at the point-of-purchase to the quality and benefits that Fusion Stone provides. Besides pictures of finished Fusion Stone projects, many of these displays feature physical product and an overview of how easy it is to install Fusion Stone.

So, you can see how we endeavour to keep our customers, both retail and trade, informed about Fusion Stone. The more facts they have about Fusion Stone the more they will appreciate the great value our products represent and how fantastic Fusion Stone looks in a finished project.