March Feature Project – Scale up to Bison Size

mars 20, 2018

The bison is renowned for having roamed the wide-open spaces of the North American great plains in prodigious numbers. These huge animals required a vast range to provide sustenance for such a large population of huge beasts.

Those days are gone, however the legacy of the bison lives on in this month’s feature project. Wide-open spaces and grand scale characterize this room, the central feature of which is an appropriately awe-inspiring fireplace and chimney combination clad in Fusion Stone Great Lakes stone cladding in the Raven colour.

We’ll return to Fusion Stone in a moment but first let’s examine the cathedral-like dimensions of this incredible space. Perhaps the best view is from the upper level as it provides an opportunity to perceive the space almost in its entirety. From here one can acquire an appreciation for not only the scale but the accompanying design elements as well.

The wooden skeleton is impressive to say the least and provides the frame for not only the structure but also for virtually all other components of the room. Door and window surrounds have been selected to match the superstructure. The dark elements of the hardwood floor colour serve to both complement and provide contrast to the dominant natural wood colour of the frame.

The impression of wide-open space is retained despite the inclusion of a large, matching sofa and love seat combination. Accessory items are limited, for the most part, to storage units fore and aft of the sofa and a multi-coloured rug facing the fireplace.

That brings us back to the central element of this room – the fireplace and chimney. One can easily imagine the family or close friends gathered around the hearth for relaxed conversation and good times together.

It is interesting to note that despite the size of the room and the fireplace/chimney, both the hearth and mantel have been minimized to reinforce the overall effect of scale. Fusion Stone Great Lakes in the Raven colour was an inspired choice as its rugged profile and dark hues assert clear contrasts to the lighter colour and smooth clean lines of the rest of the room.

Fusion Stone clearly fits in this cavernous space just as well as it does in more modest applications. Best of all, Fusion Stone is a cost-effective, do-it-yourself solution that is guaranteed to give you a lifetime of performance.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

Watch for our next feature project in April.

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