Richard LaPalme

mars 31, 2016

My favourite sporting pastime has to be spending time at the shooting range. I also practice Krav Maga (a self-defense system) and I am a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido.

My job role is to make sure that Fusion Stone is well represented across Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. I work to support all reps, develop the market and grow sales but customer service is my #1 priority.

One of the most satisfying things about my job is the team I work with. With these people, anything can be done! I very much like the challenge of having different types of customers (each province has its own way of doing things) because of the versatility it teaches me.

My favorite food has to be Cantonese dishes. I love to go out and eat at KamFung in Montreal either for Dim Sum on Sunday mornings or on a Friday night with my family. As for traveling, I like many different cultures. I have enjoyed everywhere that I have been but my second home remains Guangzhou, China.

The 5 things I would not be able to live without would be my girlfriend, my kids, music, traveling, and absolutely a shooting range. Lol. Music wise, I am pretty much into Rock and Metal (keeps me on a good tempo). The Stones and Motorhead are my favourite bands.

It is important to me to work for a well respected organization and Shouldice and Fusion Stone are exactly that. The highlight for me of Fusion Stone is its quality and ease of installation. This is the best DIY product on the market. My two favourite Fusion Stone products are Great Lakes Carbon and the architectural blocs, both for their sharp, good looks.

If I could spend one day with someone, without a doubt it would be my dad. I would have so much to tell him.

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