Rustic Charm Updated with Fusion Stone

février 20, 2018

There is seemingly no end of ways that Fusion Stone can be applied to creative design. This versatile product just works in so many interior and exterior settings to fulfill visions of style.

Our feature project this month is a stunning example of how Fusion Stone Great Lakes in the Brindle colour can be the focus and primary complement to a charming, rustic design. Clearly, the visionary for this room had something very specific in mind and took their time to ensure every element of this room worked together to produce a seamless and complete outcome.

Fusion Stone Great Lakes stone veneer is the obvious centre piece as it dominates each of the wall surfaces. Great Lakes is particularly effective in this application because of its rugged, uneven profile and variegated Brindle that permits colour flexibility in accompanying elements of this design. Notice also the completely harmonious use of a stone electrical outlet surround on the window side of the room and a stencil stone conversation piece above the fireplace.

Now to the second most dominant feature – the natural finished wooden floor, faux wall panels, window frames, bookcase, fireplace and ceiling beams. Not only do these elements provide a sense of open, airiness but they are firmly supportive and consistent with the overall rustic theme.

Furnishings extend this light wood application in tables, bench, unmatched rockers and even the reclaimed door. And just for good measure, a select few of these items strongly suggest antique origins.

The room has been only moderately accessorized to retain the intended feel of openness. The accessories include modest plants, a pair of matching, patterned rugs, a theme-consistent throw, a pair of basins for miscellaneous storage and even an antique glass container with handle, snugged up against the fireplace surround.

Besides the requisite electric lighting, the only other nod to modernity is the contemporary fireplace. One can be easily forgiven this choice in the interests of safety and cleanliness.

So, once again Fusion Stone has provided stand out service as the foundation of a truly inspired interior design. Of crucial interest to this is that Fusion Stone is a product that you can install yourself with just a few basic tools. It’s also guaranteed for life.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

Watch for our next feature project in March.

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