Stone Veneer Installation for your Bar or Restaurant

juillet 6, 2015

Whether bar, bistro or restaurant, every local business owner understands the importance of ambience. An establishment may have the finest regional craft beers, the most eclectic menu in town, or the area’s outstanding chef. However, if the look and feel of the place isn’t quite there, people may not come back.

While it can be expensive and even confusing to keep up with the latest interior design trends in the modern gastropub sphere, there will always be a space in the market for the traditional rustic look in food and beverage establishments.

Installing Fusion Stone veneer siding means achieving this style is cost-effective and simple. Suitable for both interior and exterior stone veneer projects, Fusion Stone allows a business to upgrade every inch of their premises. A quick, mess-free stone veneer installation also means the establishment can be renovated and reopened in record time.

Stone veneer with beer

In recent years, traditional food and drink options have seen a huge resurgence. Micro-brewed craft beers and hearty pulled pork dinners are now the order of the day. For bar and restaurant owners everywhere, creating an environment in keeping with the changing tastes of their clientele can be the difference between them becoming regular customers or not.

Installing stone veneer on interior surfaces instantly transforms the look of any bar, bistro or restaurant into that of a traditional tavern. From the walls to the bar front, fireplaces and benches, corridors and even in the bathrooms, the easy installation of Fusion Stone siding means the interior of any establishment can easily be matched the whole way through.

Creating a comfortable, homey environment that people will be happy to spend a whole evening in can only mean more financial returns for your bar, bistro or restaurant all year round.

great lakes stone veneer brindle patio

Happy on the patio

During Canada’s warmer months, not many activities are as enjoyable as al fresco drinking and dining. Perhaps due in part to the relative scarcity of suitable weather, there’s no doubt that once the sun is out, so are the people.

For bar, bistro or restaurant owners, providing an outdoor space as stunning as the interior of the establishment is highly important in attracting those who love to eat and drink in the open air. Installing exterior stone veneer on all surfaces is an easy way to renovate your outdoor space, transforming it into a magnet for after-work and weekend drinkers and diners.

Just as all the surfaces throughout the interior of your establishment can be made to match with Fusion Stone siding, any feature of the outside area can also be upgraded. Exterior, perimeter and dividing walls, planters, barbecue pits, and even wood-burning pizza ovens are all candidates for the stone veneer installation treatment.

Creating an outdoor area that keeps the customers returning will mean a very happy summer for all; the bar, bistro or restaurant owner especially.

great lakes raven stone veneer restaurant

The most durable stone veneer – bar none

While investing in upgrading the décor of an establishment can seem like spending money on something that will need constant maintenance and retouching, the durability of Fusion Stone actually eliminates this issue.

Although the patented stainless steel clips and screws method of installation is simple enough to make Fusion Stone the DIY project you really can do yourself, the product is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Mould resistant and water repellant, it can be installed on any type of wall and is designed to be maintenance-free once fixed in place. Unlike other stacked stone veneer on the market, the stones are colored the whole way through. This means any scratches won’t show up, which is probably an important consideration when installed in a bar.

Even more important is the quick and easy installation method itself, meaning your establishment can be opened and pulling in the crowds in no time at all.

Once installed, Fusion Stone is hooked for life. The chances are your customers will be too.

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