Stone Veneer Siding – The Ultimate Choice for Your Dream Home

juin 15, 2015

For millions of Canadian homeowners, the notion of one day owning their dream home may seem like a distant goal. Home improvement shows on TV and images online or in magazines paint aspirational pictures of what could be achieved if only we had a lot more money.

However, the actual meaning of a dream home is something far more simple and attainable.

A dream home is one that you can look at and feel thankful it’s yours. It’s a space you love to spend time in. It’s a source of pride when you invite your friends over.

Installing Fusion Stone veneer siding can completely transform your home’s look and feel both inside and out. With the easy and mess-free installation, making it the DIY project you really can do yourself, you may be closer than you think to making your dream home a reality.

A dream exterior

Any dream home should make you happy the second you set eyes upon it, and the happiness effect of installing natural looking stone veneer siding on the exterior walls cannot be overstated. The notion of living in your dream home isn’t confined to how it appears from a distance though. There are a number of other outdoor features that contribute to the whole package.

Installing matching exterior stone veneer to garden features is a simple but effective way to ensure that every inch of your property is firmly part of the overall vision of your dream home.

Decking, patio areas, planter boxes and garden walls dividing your space from your neighbors can all be made to match. BBQ pits, swimming pools and hot tubs can also benefit from the Fusion Stone effect. Extending the feeling to every aspect of your outdoor space goes a long way in creating your dream home.

Inside the dream

After arriving home and seeing the stunning effect created by the stacked stone veneer siding on the exterior walls, the expression of your dream home continues when you or your guests set foot inside.

Because Fusion Stone can be installed as interior stone veneer as easily as it can on exterior surfaces, your dream home can be as inspiring on the inside as it is the outside. Starting with any bare surface in the hallway or reception area and installing matching stone veneer throughout the house, the effect can run into almost every room of your dream home.

Fusion Stone veneer can transform your kitchen into a space that inspires you to cook more often while providing protection from water, heat and humidity.

Backsplashes in the kitchen can be matched with those in the bathroom, while stone veneer on feature walls, fireplaces, and even the wine cellar can continue the theme throughout the house. Matching interior stone veneer in every room or space means every inch of your house feels part of your dream home.

Protecting the dream

While Fusion Stone delivers the look and feel that makes your house a dream home, there are practical benefits to installing exterior and interior stone veneer too.

Hardwearing, water repellant and maintenance-free, Fusion Stone is a cost-effective way to guard your dream home from the harsh Canadian elements. Budget-friendly to purchase, Fusion Stone is also easy and clean to install by yourself using the patented system of stainless steel clips and screws.

Fusion Stone is also covered by a lifetime guarantee, meaning your dream home will be protected for as long as you own it. Should you one day decide to sell, this protection and the upgraded look throughout your dream home can mean a higher valuation of your property.

A house that makes you proud, and is worth more than before, is the dream home for anyone and will give you a glow every time you enter.

Make it a reality with Fusion Stone.