Stone Veneer – Thinner is Better

mai 3, 2016

Looking to change the appearance of your home quickly and affordably? Adding a stone finish is one of the ways to accomplish a quick home make over. Stone veneer will add to your home’s value and help you stand out in your neighbourhood. Thin stone veneer has many of the advantages of adding full stone masonry to your home, including durability, beautiful aesthetic appeal and added value.

What is thin stone veneer and how does it differ from full masonry?

In the past, builders had to use traditional, full-dimension stone masonry to get a natural stone finish look on homes. The heavy stones used in masonry work require an expert’s touch to properly install, not to mention the strength required to work with and move these materials.

With recent innovations, however, stone veneer has been designed as an alternative to full-dimension stone. Available in a full range of colours, stone veneer is cut to much thinner dimensions, allowing builders to save on cost, weight, time and space. Unlike full-dimension stone masonry, thin stone veneer is extremely versatile. Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating, these products will easily attach to almost any surface.

Why should you consider thin stone veneer for your home?

Fusion Stone is Affordable

Thin stone veneer is a cost saver for weight and size reasons noted above and it costs less to install. In fact, with Fusion Stone’s patented clip system, it’s designed to be installed by you, the homeowner, which will save you from costly labour fees. Available in a full range of colours, you’ll never know the difference between a thin stone veneer and traditional stone masonry products.  The saturated colour will not fade due to time or weather and will retain its original colour even if scratched.

Environmentally Friendly

Thin stone veneer helps builders reduce their environmental impact because it is thinner and weighs less – making it easier to manufacture and transport. Fusion Stone is designed with green principles in mind. In addition to a reduced carbon footprint the product is LEED compliant, which supports healthy, interior spaces.


Selection and availability

The concept of choice is important to most consumers. With Fusion Stone you can choose from two distinctly different styles – Great Lakes and Dry-Stack which come in four and two colour selections respectively. Another great feature is that Fusion Stone has a network of over 1,500 dealer locations across the country, including all of the popular big box building supply retailers.


Standard masonry products are, with few exceptions, primarily for outdoor use. Fusion Stone, thin stone veneer, has multiple applications both inside and out. Inside, use Fusion Stone to transform the common into the spectacular – for example, a fireplace, backsplash, kitchen island, feature wall, wine cellar and lots more. Outside, besides a house façade, Fusion Stone is a great idea for a backyard shed, a deck surround or how about the facing for that poolside bar? There is really no limit to the possibilities.

Fusion Stone is a DIY Product

Because they’re easy to install you can take on a stone veneer project yourself, without having any pre-existing masonry experience. Thin stone veneer is designed in such a way as to allow you to attach it to almost any existing structure or surface. With a clear list of required tools, materials and instructions your Fusion Stone veneer kit is easy to purchase and simple to install. Not only is stone veneer a quick way to add value to your home, but it also allows you to make a dramatic change for a fraction of the cost.

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