Style in Québec: A Step Back in Time

juin 26, 2018

Québec is known for many things: its beautiful language, arts scene, Carnaval de Québec and of course, the poutine! But one of the things Québec is most well-known for is its flair for design trends and style forward thinking. Québec fuses new build aesthetics with classic structural beauty like no other province in Canada which makes it a popular hotspot for design aficionados.

A Brief History Lesson

French settlers were the first Europeans to inhabit what would eventually become Québec in the 16th and 17th centuries. For all the things they brought with them, their architectural ideals have left one of the biggest impacts. Densely packed structures on narrow roads is what they knew, and they continued that construction style when they built the first cities in Québec.

A Melting Pot of Historical and Modern Design

Québec’s style is a real medley of history and modern design, and a typical home there showcases that. Québec architecture is a true union of the latest styles and antique elements, much like our Fusion Stone products.

No matter what your home’s design, Fusion Stone offers a rugged and traditional look that also gives a sense of old-world comfort. For example, use Peninsula Ledgestone for an accent wall in your bedroom or office to make a fresh statement while also having the added appeal of classic stone.

Creative and Functional Small Spaces

Having a smaller living space doesn’t mean you must sacrifice personality. Maintaining crisp and simple lines can liven up any space. The use of area rugs infused with retro furniture will add character and personality to any loft or studio apartment.

Something New and Something Old

Another popular trend in Québec is to mesh prevalent colours and patterns with antique home décor. A great place to create this look would be in a living room or bedroom. Adding our product, Great Lakes, around a fireplace would suit this design idea perfectly. The collaboration of our stone, mixed with a vintage couch and table found at a local antique shop would cement a dramatic and visually appealing look.

The More Chefs the Better

Québec is known for its gourmet cooking and dining, which makes the kitchen one of the most important parts of a French-Canadian home. A well-designed layout is vital to the success of a great meal. Substantial counter space for appliances and food preparation is a must, as well as multiple closets and cupboards that can blend in with the rest of the cabinets. Choosing illuminous and airy colours will help with cooking and socializing. Also, adding a surge of colour through a backsplash or wall accents will intensify the positivity of the space.