Tips for Choosing the Right Piece of Reclaimed Wood for Your Mantel

novembre 9, 2016

Even without a roaring fire, a stone fireplace remains the centre of a room’s attention, providing a focal point for your décor. Finding the perfect mantelpiece is an important aspect of this central feature.

Choosing the right mantel is crucial to defining your room, but remember that the fireplace itself is the focal point, so your mantel has to match the style of your fireplace. One of the most popular options is a reclaimed wood mantel.

Reclaimed wood is making a comeback – you’ll see it used in furniture pieces throughout modern homes. However, reclaimed wood has been a popular choice for mantel pieces for many years because it creates a rustic, traditional atmosphere with a modern twist, adding character to any room in your home.

Choose the Type of Reclaimed Wood

It is remarkable how much of a difference an old barn beam, railroad tie or piece of wood with sentimental value can make to your fireplace. They add warmth and character, and an organic juxtaposition to the hard stone.

Choosing your reclaimed wood depends on availability, style and the amount of time that you want to invest in the search. For a more traditional, rustic look many people prefer hand hewn wood which still bares the marks of the axe or chisel with which it was shaped. Rough saw-cut beams also make excellent mantels, retaining some of the charm of a hand hewn piece of lumber, but with straighter lines. A resawn beam uses visibly old wood, but reshapes it with straight modern cuts.

Find Your Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood can either be purchased or found. For pieces of reclaimed wood that you find you have the option of bringing the wood to a professional or refurbishing it yourself. When refurbishing wood yourself make sure that it has not been treated with dangerous chemicals and inspect it carefully for any signs of imbedded pieces of metal before using power tools.

Structural beams, flooring, shipping crates, boats, old furniture, or even mantels can all be salvaged and reclaimed to make a new rustic mantel to match your stone fireplace. To find reclaimed wood you can ask the owners of derelict property that is either abandoned or being demolished, find shipping crate resellers, or visit garage sales and auctions – keep your eyes open at all times, you never know when you might find the perfect piece of wood.

The Timeless Fusion of Stone and Wood

Stone and wood are traditional building materials which have been used together for thousands of years. Bringing them together in your living room is the perfect choice for building rustic character or adding a modern twist.

Although Fusion Stone is aesthetically pleasing, the real beauty is found in its flexibility, simplicity and versatility. Regardless of the look that you are going for, you’ll be able to find the perfect Fusion Stone product for your fireplace, whether that be sleek and modern, rustic and traditional, or a contemporary balance of both.

With the perfect piece of reclaimed wood for your mantel, you’ll be able to complete your Fusion Stone fireplace – giving your family a place to gather on a frigid winter day, or cool summer night.

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