Using Fusion Stone at the Cottage

avril 24, 2018

With spring here, it’s natural to begin thinking about summertime and cottage getaways. Heading to the cottage gives us a chance to leave the city and normality, while recharging our batteries in a relaxing setting. However, before you sit back and enjoy the cottage this summer consider knocking off a few DIY projects this spring so you can maximize your cottage enjoyment this summer.

Simple Updates, Big Changes

Fusion Stone’s stone veneer products are easy to use, budget-friendly and require only a few tools, which is ideal for a cottage project.

Accent walls are always a great idea, but one that we tend to incorporate in our home more than at the cottage. Our versatile product, Great Lakes is a popular choice to liven up a wall in your cottage’s living or dining room.

A stone veneer accent wall is a great way to give the illusion of added space to smaller cottages, or a smart way to use larger space more efficiently by dividing living areas. For patios, sitting nooks and terraces an accent wall can double as a privacy wall.

Modernize the Look and Feel of Your Cottage

Give the exterior of your cottage a makeover easily, without the mess and headache of mortar. Dry-Stack offers you a highly-finished appearance that comes in two stunning colour choices. Dry-Stack is effortlessly attached to new and pre-existing walls with its stainless-steel clip and screw system. It’s a job that you could get done in a weekend, and once done it’ll make a cottage built in any decade look brand new.

Give a Visual Spark to Your Fireplace

Having a fire while being surrounded by nature is one of the best parts of the cottage. Whether you have a firepit outside by the water, a fireplace outside on your patio, or inside your living room we help you make it the focal point with minimal effort. Peninsula Ledgestone will offer any fireplace a contemporary, rugged and natural appearance.

Don’t Forget About the Shed!

If you have a small shed, storage building or kid’s playhouse our products can rejuvenate those spaces too. No matter the size of the structure, it’s nice to give them an upgrade. Plus, when you use the same material on these buildings as the exterior of your cottage, you’ll give your property a unified look.

So, this spring whether you’re looking for a small weekend project or a major DIY revamp of several areas, Fusion Stone is the mess-free, versatile material that will help you maximize the beauty of your cottage escape.

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