Visit a dealer to get close and personal with Fusion Stone

mai 11, 2016

Fusion Stone is easily available at over 1,500 retailers across Canada.  If you’re considering Fusion Stone for your next project, we encourage you to see the product for yourself.

Our dealers have a variety of in-store displays where you can touch and feel product samples, compare colours, and get detailed product information and installation instructions on the spot.

Depending on the size of the dealer, you can find our in-store displays in a number of different locations.

Our permanent displays are usually found at the front of the checkout counter or information desk and are accompanied by an identifying sign. This display is often used in smaller stores and will show you what Fusion Stone looks like once it’s installed. Whether you’re considering Fusion Stone for your new fireplace, or are looking to reface your home’s exterior, you’ll be able to view a number of interior and exterior projects which were completed with Fusion Stone.

Look for our portable displays as you walk the store aisles. These helpful displays include a quick pictographic on how easy it is to install our Fusion Stone products yourself.

Many of our larger retail partners have a large racking bay display which dramatically showcases our wide variety of products in numerous colours.

If you’re considering Fusion Stone for your next DIY project then we encourage you to visit one of our dealers and look for us in one of several display possibilities. These will assist in your decision making and clearly demonstrate why Fusion Stone is the better choice.

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