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mars 7, 2017

What is Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone is a stone veneer that is manufactured sustainably. We use the highest quantity of recyclable materials possible without sacrificing strength or appearance. Fusion Stone is durable, rugged, modern, and the perfect interior or exterior material for walls on houses, cottages, businesses, boathouses, barns, gazeebos, and everything in between! Fusion Stone is both decorative and protective, adding a unique touch to your property, while also shielding it from the elements. It is washable, fire resistant, and even insulates. Best of all? It is inexpensive, easy to install!

How does Fusion Stone compare to other materials?

Compared to traditional stone, Fusion Stone is lighter, customizable, easier to cut and install, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional stone, Fusion Stone is not quarried, and is made of recyclable materials.

There are other stone veneers on the market, but none can match the revolutionary manufacturing system behind Fusion Stone. Most of our stone veneer competitors use a thin slice of real stone over a composite material, or simply colour the outer layer of a composite material. Fusion Stone maintains its colour and design all the way through.

Can I install Fusion Stone myself?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone who has some basic DIY experience is capable of installing Fusion Stone. All you need is a drill, a saw, a rubber mallet, a level, and a tape measure. Fusion Stone even provides you with the drill bit in your Fusion Stone kit. The only additional material that you will need to purchase is plywood or OSB. Of course, also please remember to use safety equipment whenever you are handling tools.

I’m not handy. What resources are available to help me install Fusion Stone myself?

The Fusion Stone website is full of resources available to anyone for free, for every step of the Fusion Stone installation process. Get inspired by the Fusion Stone blog and explore different styles and colours on the main site at Then calculate how much Fusion Stone you will need to complete your project. Once you are ready, use the store locator to find directions to your nearest Fusion Stone dealer.
Before installing your Fusion Stone read the detailed instructions and the informative tutorial videos. Finally, complete your project and then connect with us on social media to share your story and show-off your work!

Yes, Fusion Stone comes with a product lifetime guarantee. Fusion Stone has been proudly manufactured by Shouldice Designer Stone, a Canadian company that was founded in 1947. Shouldice Designer Stone is a family owned and operated stone products manufacturer and they stand by the quality of their work. So you can rest assured that Fusion Stone is built to last, guaranteed.

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