Do it yourself masonry you can actually do yourself!

how to install stone veneer
Fusion Stone is an easy and budget-friendly way to beautifully upgrade your home, inside and out. Available in three distinct textures, all backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, Fusion Stone can be installed on both new and existing wall assemblies regardless of surface. With just a few basic tools your average home handyperson is transformed into a Fusion Stone expert!

patented diy clip system

Fusion Stone features a patented system of stainless steel clips and screws that can be installed in any weather by anyone for a lifetime of maintenance free performance.


  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Rubber head hammer
  • Power drill and bit (bit is provided)
  • Grinder or saw with masonry blade
  • Safety glasses
  • Breathable weather resistant barrier
  • Plywood or OSB
installing stone veneer
Step One

Prepare Your Surface

Fusion Stone is installed over a Plywood or OSB substrate. Ensure that the substrate has been covered in a code approved, breathable, weather resistant barrier. Not required on interior installations.

Step Two

Installing The Starter Strip

Starter Strips are used at the base of all jobs as well as above any openings (windows and doors). Level and install the Starter Strips using the stainless steel screws provided.

Step Three

Installing Fusion Corners

Begin installing Fusion Stone at the corner. As you build the corner ensure that you alternate short and long sides.

Step Four

Complete Installing Stone

Continue to lay the stone in the pattern described in the detailed instructions. The last stone installed on every row may need to be cut to length.