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How to Alternate Great Lakes Outside Corners?

Every corner pack comes with a random number of 8-inch and 12-inch 90-degree corners, both have a 4” return. Use all pieces and blend from multiple boxes for the installation. When placing your corners, alternate the lengths. This placement will add authenticity to the corner and set up the pattern for the wall stones.

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How do you Install the Starter Strip?

All starter strips come in 48-inch lengths, or 4 feet. Starter Strips are used at the base of all jobs, as well as above any windows and doors. Use a level to insure the starter strip is straight. Screw the starter strip in place using the stainless-steel screws provided.

In a case where the starter strip needs to be fit to size, measure and mark the strip then use tin snips to cut.

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How many Fusion Stone Corners will you need?

When you’re installing Fusion Stone on an outside corner, calculate how many corner packs you’ll need before beginning your installation. To determine the number of corner packs, start by measuring all outside corner heights. This total will give you how many linear feet of corners you’ll need for your project.

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Who manufactures Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone is proudly manufactured by Shouldice Designer Stone in Shallow Lake, Ontario, Canada. Shouldice Designer Stone is a third generation, family business that has been manufacturing quality stone products since 1947.

Where can I install Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone products are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Fusion Stone incorporates rain-screen wall technology that allows Fusion Stone to perform to high standards, even in the harshest environments.

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What design do I follow when installing Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone was created to be installed with a random design. For patterns and how-to tips see the installation guide included with Fusion Stone, photos or the installation videos on this website. The random stone patterns are pre-blended into each ‘Pak’ or ‘Skid’. This ensures the ratio of the different sizes is correctly maintained. For the best look blend from multiple packages.

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What is the R-factor of Fusion Stone?

The insulation properties of Fusion Stone are minimal. Fusion Stone can be installed with insulation in the studs or with rigid insulation on the outside of the studs. Fusion Stone is installed on plywood. The wood sheathing is applied over top of the insulation and installed according to local building codes.

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What is the difference between Fusion Stone and other stone veneer products?

Standard masonry stone requires a brick ledge to support the weight of the stone. Fusion Stone does not require a brick ledge because it is a mechanically fastened. This means the stones are fastened to the wall with stainless steel Fusion Stone clips. The end result looks exactly like Standard Full Bed Depth masonry, even to the experts. All Fusion Stone products are coloured throughout the full body of the stone. This is an advantage over other thin stone products that are surface coated and which show scratches and chips.

What is Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone is a revolutionary, high-quality, manufactured concrete, thin stone veneer. It is the only thin stone system on the market that mechanically fastens each piece to the wall by using stainless steel Fusion Stone clips and screws. This ensures that, even with movement in the walls, the stones stay in place when installed during low or high temperatures or wet or dry conditions that can affect the adhesion of traditionally adhered stone installation methods. Fusion Stone is made with all-natural stone ingredients on high quality, purpose built, and state-of-the-art production machines.

How thick is Fusion Stone?

1 ¼” thick average, with some specific products varying in thickness to give the wall depth and a natural, real stone appearance.

How much does Fusion Stone weigh?

The weight of Fusion Stone products is approximately 15lbs per square foot depending on the stone profile and texture.

How many Fusion Stone clips are required?

The number of Fusion Stone clips required depends upon product size and varies between 2 and 5 clips per square foot. Each Fusion Stone product is packaged with a surplus number of clips and screws.

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How are Fusion Stone products packaged?

Small-Paks contain 5 square feet, and weigh 72-79lbs/box. They are ideal for convenience and ease of handling. Bulk-Paks total square footage depends on the profile selected (GLS – 71 SF, PLS – 60 SF, DS – 100 SF ). Bulk-Paks comprise a full pallet and require lift-truck handling. Flat pieces are sold by the square foot and corner pieces by the vertical foot. Window-sills and other detail pieces are sold individually.

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How long will Fusion Stone products last and is there any warranty?

When installed according to the Fusion Stone Installation Guidelines the product will last a lifetime and is backed by a product lifetime guarantee. You will be “Hooked For Life.”

How does Fusion Stone compare to other stone veneer products?

The cost of Fusion Stone is at par with the other popular thin stones on the market and is substantially lower than natural stone. While it may cost more than Standard Bed Depth Stone, this is a result of the extra steps required in processing. Keep in mind that Fusion Stone comes packaged as a system, with the added Fusion components of the clips, screws, and driver included in your kit. The saving with Fusion Stone comes from the “In the Wall” cost, as it installs faster and easier than other thin stone products on the market. Added to this, Fusion Stone can be used in places where Full Bed Depth masonry cannot, without the extra cost of wall structure modifications or the need of a footing.

How do I clean and seal my Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone products are maintenance free. Sealing is not required as Fusion Stone is manufactured with an integral water repellent agent that inhibits water absorption throughout the stone. Rarely, if ever, will Fusion Stone require cleaning. However, if cleaning is required, use a mild masonry detergent and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How can I get cost information and installed price quotes for Fusion Stone products?

Fusion Stone Head Office welcomes your call and will be happy to provide you with the name of your neighbourhood Fusion Stone dealer. Your local dealer will provide you with a quote, recommend installation contractors, and provide information about job locations where Fusion Stone has been installed. Please contact us at (800) 265-3174.

Does Fusion Stone meet building code requirements?

Yes. Fusion Stone products comply with all applicable building code requirements. Fusion Stone weighs less than 15 lbs per square foot and falls under the Adhered Stone Section of the UBC and the NCMA standards. When used according to the Fusion Stone Installation Guideline, the products are approved to 3 floors in height (10 meters) without additional installation details or engineering. Fusion Stone exceeds the requirements for pull strength, shear strength, freeze/thaw durability, impact strength, wind load, and wind driven rain testing.

CCMC Certification 

Can I install Fusion Stone myself?

Absolutely! Many jobs have been completed with excellent results by justly proud home handy-men and –women. The driving factor in the design and development was to keep the system simple yet durable, while presenting the most naturally beautiful stone finish.

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Can Fusion Stone products be cut and/or split?

Yes. Fusion Stone products are easily cut with a circular or masonry saw equipped with a masonry blade. Dry cutting is recommended.

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Can Fusion Stone be applied to any surface?

Yes. Fusion Stone products are designed to be installed on wood frame, steel stud, masonry and pre-cast wall sections. Fusion can be installed over existing brick as long as the brick wall is structurally sound and was designed as a load bearing wall. Not all veneer brick walls qualify.

What are the benefits of using Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone is the premier thin stone product, designed to be the highest quality system on the market. It is the easiest to install, offers a look of distinction and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. All Fusion Stone products have colour throughout the full body of the stone, NOT just a coloured surface treatment. This means unmatched resistance to fading, scratches, chips, scuffs, and general real-world wear and tear.