5 top interior stone wall ideas

April 1, 2023

Stone is a timeless material that lends an effortless, lived-in luxury to any part of a home. Add rustic charm to a kitchen, modern dynamism to an open concept layout or an elegant statement to a fireplace feature. Here are five top ideas to use as inspiration for a coveted interior stone wall.

Warm and welcoming entry way

A rough-hewn style of stone or rounded stone wall can reveal a put together but approachable vibe for any living room or entryway. At the front door choose a wainscotting of stone veneer to reach hip height for a sneaky way to transition the outside in.

Serene spa bathroom

Escape to nature with a spa-like stone wall in your shower, where it will look right at home next to running water. A stone veneer wall as a backsplash behind your bathroom vanity or as a dramatic tub skirt surround also look great. Just make sure your product can safely handle wet conditions.

Romantic bedroom retreat

A romantic space caters to our senses, and the natural textures of a stone feature wall headboard adds an enviable esthetic to any bedroom hideaway. No need to add pink or frills unless you want to, though curved shapes like archways or rounded furniture wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Grand games room

Play for the top prize in a games room whether you score on a giant tv, golf simulator or pool table. Memories made in a games room – not to mention the toys – can feel larger than life, so it’s fun to make sure your décor or design balances the spectacle and lives up to the spirit of the space. Maybe harken back to an old-timey gentleman’s club or goldminers’ saloon with rich moody colour, fabrics and statement-making stonework in a dark and stormy shade.

Comfortably luxe living room

Create a sophisticated living room that’s as luxurious as it is lived-in with a stone-covered wall or stone fireplace. This will add texture and depth to a space otherwise full of soft furniture and fresh colours. And texture is key to creating a room that feels complete. For clean comfort and rustic charm, opt for warmer colours like Fawn or Brindle.

Stone is a wildly versatile material that can enhance and complement just about any design style inside your home, whether you’re after rustic allure, contemporary sleekness or a modern, organic sensibility.

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