Are white kitchens out? Make yours spectacular and stunning

November 1, 2022

Entirely, exclusively white for the kitchen has been a powerful trend in recent decades. White is a staple in the kitchen – its crispness makes such a central part of the home feel clean and bright – but it can also be cold, stark, and hard to keep clean. It’s time to consider ways you can adapt the look for a bit more fun and function.

Make it your canvas

White is a perfect backdrop for other elements in your home. Whether it’s a unique backsplash, a lush houseplant collection, fine art finds or your favourite knickknacks, shift the focus of your kitchen away from the blank white palette and draw the eye towards more colourful, engaging and interesting features.

Embrace warm neutrals

An all-white kitchen can feel plain and severe, so make a more inviting space that you’ll want to cook in while the family hangs out nearby. Choose soft off-whites and warm neutrals rather than white or cool gray tones for a similar vibe with a more welcoming feel. Add these hues in any way you see fit, from wall colour to accent pieces.

Play with sheen

Whatever colour your kitchen, use various textures and finishes to achieve a fresh but timeless appeal. For instance, if you have matte cabinets, opt for a glazed pearlescent finish on the backsplash and a sleek touch on countertops. Natural textures of stone would also be a sound choice for walls or kitchen islands. These nuances will draw the eye and add some subtle yet satisfying drama to the kitchen – especially if it’s monochromatic like all white or consists of simple lines.

Harness the light

In an extensive remodel, plan your layout to maximize natural light for an airy and friendly feel that doesn’t rely on white to brighten up the space. If you are just looking for a kitchen refresh, incorporate strategic lighting fixtures and a mirror to keep the space open and hospitable in any colour scheme.

Add a punch of colour

Don’t be afraid of including colour instead of or in contrast to whites and neutrals. Deep jewel tones and earthy shades like sage green and dusky blue are all having a moment and create stunning sophistication. Whether you choose every wall or just your lower cabinets, your kitchen will benefit from fresh dramatic flair.

Bring home nature

Plants are also having a resurgence of their 1970s heyday, so bring the outdoors inside with some greenery like easy-to-care-for ferns or rubber trees. Look for options that purify your air as an added bonus. Also include natural textures like wood and stone in lighter tones to create a more relaxed, upscale sensibility.

Don’t forget the flooring

The material underfoot can make or break a room. For the place where you’re cooking meals, you want something easy to clean that’s not hard on your feet and still suits your overall aesthetic. Mosaic tile, stone slabs or white oak planks are all ways to elevate and add warmth and charm to an otherwise white kitchen.

Mix trends with practical classics

As you remodel your kitchen, look for trends that are easy to update or have staying power. Open shelves are all the rage in kitchen design, but they can gather dust and limit storage. Shaker-style cabinet doors, ceiling-height upper cupboards and a backsplash all the way up to your cabinets – or even the ceiling – are all simple pieces that look modern and yet have practical and stylish longevity.

Make a statement

You can create a subtle or striking, kitchen-friendly feature with Fusion Stone, since the no-maintenance, no-mortar stone veneer is DIY friendly, and its engineered rainscreen technology and built-in air gap mean it won’t absorb stains, odours, or spills from an active kitchen. It’s also a great way to add contrast to a kitchen island or peninsula, grounding it in the space.

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