The Cool New Way to do Masonry

February 4, 2016

The field of masonry has recently undergone some really cool innovations, Fusion Stone being one. Fusion Stone, the cool new way to do masonry, has forever changed masonry, making it possible for inexperienced homeowners to take on large masonry projects on their own.

Fusion Stone is a high tech stone veneer product that is designed to mechanically fasten to a structure using stainless steel clips and screws. Professionals and homeowners love this innovative product because it is extremely easy and quick to install.

Remember when you built Lego as a kid? Putting together a stone veneer fireplace, wall or walkway using Fusion Stone is just as fun and with the clip system each individual stone stays in place, even if there is movement in the walls.

Same Look + Thinner Stone = Better Structural Integrity

The materials are part of the innovation of Fusion Stone products. Fusion Stone is man-made from high-quality, manufactured concrete and all-natural stone ingredients which are much thinner and lighter than traditional stone or brick. Fusion Stone’s manufactured stone veneer looks the same as naturally occurring stones, but weighs less and puts less structural stress on your building.

Fusion Stone also gives consumers greater choice and control in the colour and style of stone for their project because it is manufactured. When you work with brick or flagstone there may be variations in different pieces of stone that are hard to work into your design.

Masonry Work in Cold Temperatures?

In the past masonry work was affected by the weather. Traditionally, installing stones during extremely cold or hot temperatures, wet or very dry conditions affected the adhesion of the stones and caused them to move over time. Fusion Stone’s unique clip system ensures that stones stay in place despite the installation conditions, a cutting-edge masonry innovation for those in Canada whose projects are so often weather-dependent.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Masonry Materials

Traditional masonry materials like natural stone, flagstone and brick are no longer the only choices for masonry professions, many of whom prefer working with high tech alternatives like Fusion Stone.  The health benefits for those in the masonry industry who are at risk for inhaling dust and other airborne materials when working with traditional stone or brick are substantial. Fusion Stone offers a safe alternative for masonry contractors. The clip system is mess-free, which means you won’t have to work in dust and cleaning up will be easy.

Masonry Technology Comes Home

Fusion Stone’s patented clip system and DIY kits are more affordable and allow for easy and fast installation. Inexperienced homeowners can start and finish a major project in a day or over the weekend – which saves money on contractor fees.

Since the Fusion Stone DIY kit comes with comprehensive instructions expertise is not needed. All you’ll need are common tools you probably already have around your home. Make the leap to the cool new way to do masonry and ask for Fusion Stone at Home Hardware, Rona, Lowes, Home Depot or another building supply dealer near you.