Fusion Stone Makes a Great First Impression

November 21, 2017

Businesses always want to make a good first impression. Some are more successful than others for a variety of reasons including consistency, attention to detail and aligning their image with the nature of their business and customer expectations. This is not always an easy task.

Now we are not suggesting that the use of Fusion Stone will transform your business into a corporate powerhouse. However, first impressions are often the most important because they can invite further investigation and the opportunity for a relationship or turn people away instantly.

Our feature project this month is great example of how to make a good first impression. The designer of the front of this law office has taken very great care to ensure that anyone contemplating doing business with this firm are greeted, from the very beginning, with an impression that exudes trust and strength.

The square lines and pillars support a large, elegant yet simple sign that encourages confidence. Just the thing for a law firm. The grey and white colour scheme is contemporary yet sufficiently conservative to strike that all important balance between mature reliability and youthful vigour.

Fusion Stone Dry-Stack in Caramel is the touch that brings this project to life. It complements the framing, door and sign as stone so often does with wood. But, more than that, its multi-hued contrasting tones powerfully disrupt the potential threat of grey and white monotony. Fusion Stone Dry-Stack stone veneer strongly reinforces the impression of trust and reliability that is so crucial to the success of most businesses and law firms in particular.

Fusion Stone may not guarantee that you will win every case but it could certainly assist in encouraging customers or clients to walk through your door. Don’t leave first impressions to chance. Let Fusion Stone help to make them the best they can be.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is maintenance-free, guaranteed for life, and available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit fusionstone-staging.v3wqpttp-liquidwebsites.com.

Watch for our next feature project in December.

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