Innovation, Advertising and Fusion Stone – A Powerful Trio

February 22, 2017

We are very excited to share with you our new 2017 print advertising plans. Before we get to that we thought a brief refresher of how we determine how to advertise and to whom may be worthwhile.

Advertising is one of the best ways to share Fusion Stone with our prospective customers and to remind our current customers why they may have purchased Fusion Stone in the first place. As importantly, we want everyone to remember that we are innovators in what we do and how we think.

We have two customer groups. One is the retail consumer who may be interested in Fusion Stone to enhance the curb appeal of their home or to update and improve the look of a fireplace, backsplash or feature wall with a DIY project they ca actually do themselves.

The second group is the trade customer. These may be renovators, contractors, builders, and architects. This audience is interested in colour and style options but is also concerned with cost and ease of installation. They want to be assured that they will be able to meet customer expectations and still make a profit.

We approach these two customers in different ways. First, is where we advertise to them. For retail customers, we appeal to those interested in renovation, DIY and décor. In 2017 we will be advertising in the following publications:

  • Canadian Home Trends
  • Reno & Décor
  • HOSS
  • Maison & Demeure
  • Les idées de ma maison

Our trade audience is interested in publications that appeal directly to the construction and renovation industry. In 2017 we will be advertising in:

  • Renovation Contractor
  • Canadian Contractor
  • Ontario Home Builder
  • Quebec Habitation
  • Esquisses

The other way that we approach our audiences relates to how we advertise to them. Our competitors often create ads that include only a product beauty image and a list of product features. We don’t think this approach sets us apart from our competitors or tells our audiences that we are innovators. Instead, we took a road that differentiates us from the others in a meaningful way.

Retail Consumer Advertising

Our consumer ads – Done in Just Days – clearly demonstrate how beautiful Fusion Stone is. We will use both indoor and outdoor imagery depending upon the season. As importantly, we want consumers to understand that with our system, Fusion Stone is quick and easy to install by anyone.

Trade Adverting

Our trade ad speaks to a prime concern of the trade audience through the bold headline – MONEY MAKER. The assertive positioning of the red drill bit not only attracts attention but reinforces the idea that the installation of Fusion Stone is quick and easy. The body copy speaks to this efficiency and that customer satisfaction is assured. The bottom panel image provides a glimpse of the product itself.

We are very excited about our 2017 advertising plans. We believe that our ads continue to reflect our unceasing efforts to deliver Innovation, Quality and Service to all of our customers and prospects.