Style in Vancouver

September 4, 2018

Canada definitely has a reputation for being laid back and relaxed, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Vancouver. As the third-most populated city in the country, it is a rich pot of cultural diversity that blends the customs and values of its inhabitants to form its own distinct style.

Here is a list of some of the biggest design trends for Vancouver in 2018.

Good bye cold grey, hello warm earth tones

This concept is something that seems to flip flop from year to year, and this year, grey is out and inviting earth tones are back in. Beige, greens and browns are being used together to create warm and inviting colour schemes that offer relaxation to anyone who embraces it. Even simple accent pieces are enough to put this style trend into action.

Splashes of colour

Since white stylings and furnishings never seem to fade out of style, a new way to enhance that look is to throw splashes of colour into the mix. It’s a great way to keep a room looking neat and simple, while allowing the accessories to add some fun to the space. A white wall with a colourful painting is an excellent example of this design technique. Tossing a vibrant throw pillow or blanket on your neutral-coloured couch is another way to make this design trend come to life.

Sticking to one main colour and two accent colours

This is a very important style trend, especially for anyone living in a small space. Don’t convolute your space by having too many distracting colours. Keep it simple with one main colour and add one or two accent colours to create a look that is clean and inviting.

Recycled and vintage

This trend is all about making something old feel new again. There is no better way to create your own design style then recycling old furniture or buying vintage pieces. You can use your imagination to its fullest extent, and make a masterpiece out of something that still has a lot of life left in it. Buying vintage furniture is also a way to separate your space from one that is stuffed with boring furnishings from a big box store. Plus, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Sculptural statements

Sculpting is one of humanity’s oldest art forms, so why not have a piece as furniture or as a conversation starter? Sculptural living-room chairs are something new and bold that can liven up any space. They’re not only fun to look at but are functional as well. Check out any art shows that local artists may be having in your neighbourhood. You can find that perfect piece, while also supporting your local arts.

Add Fusion Stone to your project

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