Tips to create a showstopping feature wall

March 1, 2022

After another pandemic-fuelled winter, many of us are longing to spruce up our homes. A simple and rewarding change you can do yourself is to create a feature wall, also known as an accent wall. Adding a showpiece instantly draws the eye and helps enhance your room’s aesthetic.

Here are some key tips to consider when designing a feature wall:

Choose a focal point

Take time to consider the best place to highlight in your home. Think about the architecture of the room and where you want your focal point to be – perhaps you want to define a seating area or maybe accentuate the fireplace with elegant stone veneer.

In general, the farthest wall from the entrance with a direct line of sight to the foyer will draw in your visitors and best capture attention. However, building an accent wall in a very small room is more likely to feel cramped and overwhelmed by the single bold wall.

Think unbroken or symmetrical

Not only should you choose a focal point to elevate, but also consider the overall shape and silhouette of a potential feature wall. Avoid walls punctuated with several windows, doors, or appliances. These can create holes in the visual and lead to a choppy and distracting look. If your feature wall does have windows or cabinets, keep them symmetrical or balanced to maintain an attractive look.

Tie into your interior

It can be tempting to go completely bold on a feature wall – and you could do that! But if you can weave in subtle hints of the same colours, textures or materials throughout your space, you can be sure it will feel cohesive and powerful rather than random. Think of a golden vein in your marble kitchen countertops that echo the warm yellows of natural stone in your fireplace. An accent wall will help bring these elements together in your open concept living space.

Add natural texture

Colours, materials, and textures from nature are here to stay in 2022. While classic DIY options for a natural feel include simple board and batten or shiplap, stunning stone veneer is an on-trend, showstopping statement that adds a rich natural warmth to any feature wall – and using patented Fusion Stone keeps it a fully DIY- and budget-friendly way to bring your accent wall to the next level.

Our mechanical stone veneer comes with a kit complete with what you need including a drill bit and screws. Try Dry-Stack in Charcoal for a powerful contemporary look or Great Lakes in Brindle for a more rustic or cottage feel. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Check out our visualizer tool to see what you can create.