Weekend Project; Upgrading Your Porch Pillars with Fusion Stone

June 21, 2021

Whether it’s a hotel room or an aircraft seat, everyone loves an upgrade. Here’s another one you’ll love: a straightforward and striking upgrade to your porch pillars with Fusion Stone thin veneer, perfect for your next weekend DIY project.

We at Fusion Stone, Canada’s leading thin stone veneer, combine high quality, three great-looking styles, multiple colour choices, and ease of installation to produce stunning results you will be proud of. Fusion Stone is do-it-yourself masonry that you can actually do yourself.

In the example above, Fusion Stone in the popular Great Lakes style and Fawn colour has been used as a surround for the lower portion of multiple porch pillars. Nothing beats Great Lakes for elegance and utter good looks. These half pillars of Fusion Stone make a significant contribution to upgrading the overall design of the home and are a stunning complement to the wooden upper pillars.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of the installation process, check out our Fusion Stone Pillar Install video below. This will act as a great point of reference when installing, or a source of inspiration when researching your project.

How to install a Fusion Stone pillar

An upgrade of this nature to your living space never fails to excite. To help you imagine and get motivated for your weekend project of upgrading your porch pillars with Fusion Stone, the following covers the tools you will require, and the steps needed to accomplish your project’s task – a quick overview of what your weekend will look like.

What you will need
Installing Fusion Stone is quick and easy. You will simply need these tools to carry out your porch pillar upgrade:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Level
  3. Drill (the correct bit is included in your Fusion Stone box)
  4. Saw or grinder with a masonry blade

Key installation steps

  1. Install the starter strip using the included stainless steel screws. The starter strip provides a base upon which to build the pillar and helps to ensure that you are working from a level surface.
  2. Ensure the surface is covered with an approved weather resistant barrier. This barrier will prevent the intrusion of unwanted moisture from rain, snow and general humidity and ensure your pillar project has a long life.
  3. Install the corners. The corners are the start of all Fusion Stone projects and ensure a straight, even, and professional job. Excellent results await.
  4. Alternate short and long lengths, meaning you must be sure to lay stone in an offset pattern. This method is used to maximize the randomness of the installed stone which helps to create a more natural appearance.


In the next example, Fusion Stone Great Lakes has been used in a similar fashion as that of the earlier project’s pillars, but this time you’ll find a great use of our Raven colour on display. Raven exudes an impression of substance, strength and weight derived from a balance of khaki and brown tones that gently fade into contrasting hues of grey and slate – truly a great example of well-executed pillars complimenting an already beautiful home.

You can see Fusion Stone is a great partner with the vertical wooden treatment of walls as well as the cedar planking of the porch ceiling.

The use of Fusion Stone has been extended here beyond the pillars to include a fantastic wainscot application. And remember Fusion Stone isn’t just for exterior use. For example, it makes for an elegant, traditional fireplace.

For your next upgrade, choose Fusion Stone. With results like these only a simple install away, it’s a weekend project that’s worth every minute.

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