Where Your Stone Comes From is Important

July 11, 2017

Traditionally, stone has not been one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It takes a lot of energy and resources to transport the ideal stone to its intended location. Even the stone used to build Stonehenge thousands of years ago was dragged from a quarry hundreds of kilometers away, all by human power.

While technology has admittedly improved since Stonehenge was constructed, the same challenges still apply to traditional stone. Often the most desirable stone is only found a significant distance away from the construction project where it will be used.

Fusion Stone is a Better Choice

Fusion Stone is manufactured in Canada by Shouldice Designer Stone, a 100% Canadian owned company. The primary materials from which Fusion Stone is made are quarried locally, thereby encountering very limited shipping costs to the manufacturing site. This singular local resource has other extremely valuable benefits that reach all the way to the consumer. With raw materials available close by, it is infinitely easier to exercise quality control through the entire production process. This single source has the related benefit of providing reliably consistent components unlike what one may encounter when drawing from multiple sources of supply.

Fusion Stone is easy on the environment, since it weighs less than traditional stone, which reduces its carbon footprint (as well as the cost of shipping). Fusion Stone is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities using the maximum amount of recyclable materials. So, Fusion Stone actually reduces pollution and waste. Fusion Stone’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliance means that homeowners can be 100% confident that their choice of stone not only looks great and costs less than traditional stone, but is also the best choice for the environment.

Shouldice Designer Stone has been an industry leader for over 70 years and has passed through three generations due to its commitment to quality.

Where your stone comes from is important, and when you choose Fusion Stone you can be confident that you are getting a Canadian-made product that is sourced from recycled materials, receives the very best quality control from end to end and is as good for the environment as it is for your bank account.

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