Working with Multiple Materials

May 28, 2021

One of the great and lasting characteristics of great design is variety of expression. Because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder there are virtually endless opportunities to convey an artistic thought. In the world of architectural design, imagination has been the only limiting factor over the years.

One tried and true method of communicating design creativity is through the use of multiple materials. Why feel restricted, for example, to only wood when combinations of stone, brick, glass, metal or other materials are so readily and profusely available?

Fusion Stone is a fantastic building material partner. In the example above the Great Lakes style in Brindle has been installed on a portion of the upper level. Great Lakes fuses together ease of installation, no mortar convenience and a rugged, traditional stone visual effect. Popular Brindle is composed of a blend of tones and hues that graduate from mid and rusty tans to light shades of grey. This makes Brindle highly versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Great Lakes Brindle in combination with the contemporary horizontal wooden planking and ultra-modern stucco look are fantastic counterpoints to one another that result in a stunning design tour de force.

We’ve linked some building materials product examples in this piece that we feel partner well with Fusion Stone. Be sure to check out these companies’ respective offerings to see where blending multiple materials may take your next project!

James Hardie manufactures a broad assortment of siding products that partner exceptionally well with Fusion Stone. Combing through their product selection will be sure to stir inspiration – unique and original results can be achieved when mixing different materials such as these with our own.

Fusion Stone Great Lakes Carbon has taken pride of place in this beautiful contemporary home. Carbon is characterized by dark, dusky and leaden greys in a blend with more neutral shades of cloudy silver. This has been matched with strongly contrasting, rusty hued, horizontal planking and highly complementary roofing. All is accented beautifully with dark brown window trim and doors.

Companies that produce products that work well with Fusion Stone, as in the example above, include Maibec a recognized leader in genuine wood and engineered siding and BP Canada Roofing, manufacturer of shingles and panels one step ahead of the weather for over 100 years.

Our final project features Fusion Stone Great Lakes Raven. Raven exudes an impression of substance, strength and weight derived from a balance of khaki and brown tones that gently fade into contrasting hues of grey and slate. The Fusion Stone wainscotting and lower pillars work magnificently in collaboration with the decorative muted green wooden upper columns and vertical siding. All is beautifully contrasted by the natural wood look of the ceiling and soffit. Fraser Wood Siding provides a resilient, timeless solution similar to what you see displayed in the above home.

With quality stone products like Fusion Stone and the seemingly endless materials resources to explore online, the design possibilities really are endless. With striking and memorable results like these in mind, we can’t wait to see what you create next!

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