DIY Stone Veneer Guaranteed to Impress your Friends

octobre 15, 2014

 When was the last time you did a DIY project that you were really proud of?

The last time you finished a project that you could stand back and truly admire?

The last time your friends couldn’t believe it when you told them you had done the work yourself?

Maybe you’ve never taken on a DIY job. You’ve wanted to, but were worried you couldn’t do it. You were worried you didn’t have the skill, that it would be too difficult, that it would all go wrong.

What if there was some home improvement project designed to be grand in scale and effect yet simple enough to be undertaken by the homeowner themselves. To be undertaken by you. And not only simple but beautiful, maintenance free, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What if you could somehow make dramatic improvements to how your whole house looks from the outside by giving it a beautiful, traditional stone look, or add a stunning new rustic feature to an area inside?

Say hello to Fusion Stone.

DIY you can actually do yourself, Fusion Stone is a complete stone veneer system that is simple to install from start to finish and can transform the look of your property inside and out. Both exterior and interior stone veneer is possible from the same products; the only difference being the need for an underlay for outdoor installations.

The Fusion Stone veneer installation itself, which only needs a few basic tools including a tape measure, level, rubber mallet, power drill, and a saw with a masonry blade, is a basic four-step procedure.

The first step is to prepare the wall with a sheet of plywood or OSB substrate. Starter strips are then fastened to the bottom of this layer and above all doors and windows using the screws provided, before a weather resistant, breathable layer is added. If you are doing an interior stone veneer, this layer is not needed.

You are now ready to start adding the stones, starting with the corners and alternating between long and short sides to maintain the effect of a traditional stone build. With the corners in place, you can begin to add stones along the length of the wall, until it is all covered.

If you think that sounds like an oversimplification, you can watch videos showing real demonstrations of the installation of each type of stone available – Great Lakes, Dry Stack, and Phoenix – to see for yourself how easy it really is. You can also see an extensive gallery of Before and After pictures of successful projects. Take a look, and imagine the improvement you could make to your own home.

Fusion Stone, a great choice for your next DIY project, features a patented system of stainless steel clips and screws that really can be installed by anybody, on any surface, at any time. Just make sure you get a picture of you installing it. Otherwise, your friends will never believe you achieved such stunning, professional results.

For demonstration videos on how to install our different types of stone veneer products, visit our YouTube channel.

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