Fireplace Form and Function

janvier 18, 2017

The fireplace had its genesis as a purely functional innovation. It had essentially a two-fold purpose: to provide warmth and to cook food. It is easy to imagine how these utilitarian functions, given their relationship to both necessity and comfort, were soon joined by a more aesthetic appeal. The fireplace became central to life with its associations to family, security and pleasant memories.

Our feature project this month demonstrates how central the fireplace has remained despite its original purpose becoming significantly subordinated or eliminated entirely. The fireplace, in this context, is now much more about form than function.

This fireplace is clearly pivotal to the design of this large, open space. Its central location and commanding presence make it the focus of the room, allowing other elements to provide complementary support.

Fusion Stone Great Lakes Brindle stone veneer sets the tone. The blonde wood planking on the ceiling and faux chimney and matching window frames and mantel are an old is new again treatment that matches beautifully with the rugged and traditional Great Lakes style. The elevated, single stone hearth is an attractive feature that blends quietly with the Fusion Stone colour and profile

The large furniture pieces are totally appropriate for both the size and style of the space and are suggestive of both comfort and conversation. The coffee table is a perfect selection in terms of both style and colour. The multi-coloured rug brings it all together to create an intimate impression in a large space.

What a great place to spend a quiet evening with friends or family or to curl up with a book on a cold and snowy day. The fireplace remains a powerful metaphor for comfort and peace and with the help of Fusion Stone, long may it last.

And don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in two distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also maintenance-free, guaranteed for life, and available at over 1,500 building supply retailers across Canada.

Watch for our next feature project in February.

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