Great Garden Treatments with Fusion Stone

mai 15, 2015

For those who like to spend time together with family and friends in the summer, or even relax outside alone, the garden is one of the most important features of any home.

A landscaped lawn, pruned trees, and blooming flowerbeds all add to the beauty of your garden. For adding a superb aesthetic to your walls and other surfaces, nothing can match exterior stone veneer.

As Fusion Stone siding can be installed on any wall, the possibilities for using it to make your garden an even more stunning place to spend time can seem endless. Here are some of our suggestions of where Fusion Stone can be used in your garden.

Beautify your walls

In urban and suburban living, most gardens will be surrounded by walls separating them from their neighbors. While your garden walls may mean you don’t have sweeping views to look over, they don’t have to be unattractive to the eye.

Installing stone veneer on your garden walls means surrounding yourself with a feature that looks as stunning as any other element of your garden, while also protecting the structure from wind and rain. With Fusion Stone being the easy DIY project you really can do yourself with a clean, mortar-less installation, transforming your practical garden walls into a beautiful garden feature couldn’t be easier or more cost-effective.

Smoking hot fireplaces

Nothing beats eating outdoors in the summer daytime or having a real fire to socialize around as night falls. Any BBQ pit, outdoor fireplace or fire pit can become a thing of beauty with Fusion Stone veneer installed to its walls.

Choosing a style that matches your garden or house walls will help to bring some uniformity to your outdoor space, while opting for a contrasting stone or color can help accentuate a certain feature. As Fusion Stone is tough enough to withstand the heat just as well as it repels water, your favorite garden features will be well protected too, whether you decide on Great Lakes, Dry-Stack or Phoenix style for your project.

Whatever your choice, installing exterior stone veneer to your BBQ or fire pit will mean that the coals won’t be the only things that are smoking hot.

Take the plunge

For any family lucky enough to possess an outdoor pool or spa, this will usually be the centerpiece of the garden, especially in the hot summer months. Garden parties with the children or friends always go over with a splash when there is a pool, and with all eyes usually on this most lavish of garden features.

With all the attention focused on it, your pool or spa needs to look its best if your garden is to shine. Installing Fusion Stone veneer to the raised outer walls will achieve this, meaning you will be able to enjoy your pool or spa without even getting into the water; perfect for when the temperature is just a little too low or it’s time to take a break and watch from the side with a refreshing drink or snack.

By investing in a lighting arrangement that can accentuate the contours and shadows cast by stacked stone veneer after dark, the outer walls of your pool or spa can add a unique look to your garden at any time, day or night.

Easy to install and with no mess, Fusion Stone veneer is the DIY project you really can do yourself. Installing it to your garden walls and the walls of your garden features will give you a space you’ll want to take advantage of day and night, all summer long.


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