July Featured Project – Tried and true solution in a contemporary application

juillet 20, 2016

It’s difficult to think of a material with a longer or more distinguished history in home construction than stone. There are countless examples to be seen of large and stately stone homes almost everywhere across the country. These typically convey a sense of permanence and legacy but certainly not of contemporary modernity, especially in the context of a smaller home.

Happily, the character and versatility of stone can be perfectly and beautifully applied to current, up-to-date design, regardless of size. Case in point is this single story build that prominently features Fusion Stone Great Lakes stone veneer in the popular Raven colour.


The basic shape and size of this house is fairly common but the colour and material choices make this structure a stand out of contemporary design. The most striking feature is perhaps the very conscious contrast of light and dark. The black roof shingles, doors and window frames are strikingly contrasted with the white stone surrounding the base of the home like wainscoting.

Fusion Stone dominates the central portion of the house and is a perfect complement and transition to both the dark roof and light base. At the same time, Fusion Stone Great Lakes amplifies and supports the overall modern intention of the design. The horizontal wood panels above the main entrance door further reinforce the contemporary design and are an excellent demonstration of highly effective accenting.

For a versatile and economic solution to virtually any design challenge, Fusion Stone can’t be beat. And don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in two distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also maintenance-free, guaranteed for life, and available at over 1,500 building supply retailers across Canada.

Watch for our next feature project in August.

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