Maritimes Style 2018 Style Trends

août 28, 2018

Atlantic Canada is a charming and vibrant part of Canada best known for its scenic beauty, fresh seafood, and eclectic music. These are just a few of the characteristics that Eastern Canada offers. Lesser known though, are the style trends that have developed here. Eastern Canada has some unique and visually stunning architectural styles that can be enhanced using Fusion Stone.

Sparks of colour

Greys, whites and neutrals have been in style for quite some time, and that isn’t really changing. What is changing however, is injecting some rich and popping colour into the mix. This can be done almost anywhere, such as adding some colour to your home’s exterior, contrasting a white backsplash, or a coloured stone pattern to your bathroom wall.

Classic black and white

While colour is great, using black and white as a classic combination to counterbalance pops of colour, is a time enduring design trend. Many style experts believe that every room can use a dash of black, so it’s not surprising to see this trend make a return. This can easily be obtained in any room of your home. Try white linens with a black and white striped duvet, white throw pillows on a black sofa, or simply placing a black chair in a white-walled room.

Brass is back

This trend is somewhat controversial – not all style experts agree, but the ones who do really dig it. The kitchen is the part of the house where brass is making the biggest splash. Brass can be infused into stainless steel sinks and appliances. Switching the handles on your drawers, cupboards or island are a few other ways to experiment with brass.

Stone accents

There are many advantages to using Fusion Stone, especially on the east coast, where the landscape is beautiful, but tough —just like our products! Fusion Stone is versatile and can be used to match your style trends while offering the durability that’s necessary on the east coast. Here are some ideas of how to use Fusion Stone in your home:

Give the exterior of your home a facelift 

Reinvent your home using our best-selling product, Great Lakes. The no mortar application makes it extremely easy to install, while still offering a rugged and traditional effect. The fact that is comes in four diverse and distinct colours, also adds to its versatility.

Add character to any fireplace

Whether your fireplace is inside or out, make it a focal point by using our high-finished product, Dry-Stack. It will add an amazingly uniform and visually-appealing look that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come. Pick between two, full-bodied colours; Caramel and Charcoal.

Add an accent wall 

If you have a space that needs a visual pop, consider adding an accent wall. This concept can be used in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom or outside on your patio. Peninsula Ledgestone can help you create an up-to-date statement, while also offering the traditional strength of stone.