Matching your Exterior Stone Veneer Surfaces

février 20, 2015

They say it takes only seven seconds to make a first impression. While the timing may not be accurately quantifiable, it’s definitely true that you only have one chance to do it. Installing matching Fusion Stone veneer siding on all your external walls will help you to do exactly this, and Fusion Stone has been specifically designed to be installed by anyone with a few simple tools and our helpful tutorials.

The beauty of Fusion Stone siding is that once you have learnt how to install it yourself, you can easily upgrade multiple home features with ease, matching all of your exterior walls with the same beautiful look.

Exterior Walls

By using our stacked stone veneer on the outside walls of your home, you are making the biggest impression possible of all your external surfaces. Whether choosing Great Lakes, Phoenix, or Dry Stack stone veneer dependent on your individual taste, you’re guaranteed a stunning finish that can then be easily replicated on your smaller garden features.

Learning how to install our stacked stone veneer on your exterior home wall first will make matching everything else child’s play.

exterior stone veneer

BBQ Pits

Whether it’s a large gathering of family and friends or just a select few, seasonal garden parties are a fantastic way of socializing and creating a lasting impression, especially when you’re serving delicious food from a stunning BBQ pit.

Installing stone veneer on your BBQ pit by yourself will make it a fantastic conversation starter, as well as providing a touch of real class that your guests will admire just as much as they will your homemade burgers, and using the same style of stone across every project you undertake creates an impressive coordinated look to your property.

great lakes brindle bbq

Fire pits

What better way is there to spend a beautiful summer’s evening than outside with a group of close friends in front of a warming fire, with drinks, snacks, and a guitar close at hand?

Including a fire pit in your exterior stone veneer project will give you the perfect setting for evening gatherings, and using a matching Fusion Stone type will ensure your new garden feature fits in with the look of your whole property. As Fusion Stone is easily installed, your garden will be looking smoking hot in no time at all.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs can sometimes look a little ostentatious and out of place if not designed thoughtfully. Luckily, you can match yours to your other external walls with an easy Fusion Stone veneer installation.

Although you won’t notice the difference when you’re in the water yourself, carefully matched external walls of your swimming pool or hot tub will only entice you in more often, while ensuring guests are always impressed when you throw those famous pool parties.

great lakes raven outdoor bar

Installing Fusion Stone

Fusion Stone veneer has been designed to allow you to go from novice to stone fixture professional in the space of a day.

Both inexpensive and incredibly easy to install, our Great Lakes, Phoenix, and Dry Stack stones all offer an upgraded look to your property, and you only have to learn the technique once before you can use it to enhance all of your outdoor wall and surfaces in matching exterior stone veneer.