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juillet 4, 2017

Even something as timeless as stone isn’t immune to the perpetual rise and fall of trends. While stone has never been out of style, it has gone through many changes over the years. By far the biggest advancement was the invention of stone veneer, which made stone accessible to more people for the first time.

Today the industry is still shaped by trends, even as stone itself remains as reliable, durable, and timeless as ever.

Stone is more popular than ever

Stone veneer is now more popular than ever. Using stone both indoors and out has never been easier or more affordable, but those aren’t the only reasons it is so popular…

Back to basics with a twist

One could easily describe the current trend in both architectural and residential design as back to basics with a twist. The basic component is a growing prevalence of black and white masonry, applied as either independent colours or in combination with each other. Either way, these colourless colours produce compelling and forceful results. The twist is the introduction of other strongly contrasting materials. The contrast may be in material type (e.g., wood), colour or size.

The new rule is no rules

Stone has been commonly and conveniently categorized as either residential or architectural as a means of identifying and even restricting typical use. That rule or designation is being turned on its head.

The use of architectural stone in residential applications, either as a primary or secondary component, is becoming increasingly popular. The result is not only a welcome departure from the norm but an innovative and exciting approach to effect winning, non-conformist residential designs.


You’ve probably noticed a strong trend over the last few years towards DIY home improvement. More and more people are choosing to tackle big projects themselves. And why not? It saves money, allows you to learn new skills, and most importantly it is fun!
Fusion Stone comes with everything you need to complete the project yourself using simple tools that any DIY aficionado will have lying around the garage.

Hot market

Right now the real estate market in Canada is red hot. That means a few things. First, many people are choosing not to sell their homes. As prices rise homeowners are finding themselves unable to upgrade to a bigger home. Instead, they choose to transform their existing property with Fusion Stone.

Higher home prices also mean that the investment that prospective sellers make in their homes is magnified. Turning your home’s façade from blasé to brilliant will massively increase your curb appeal and could earn you thousands of dollars.

Budget friendly

Homeowners are more budget conscious than ever before, and while stone may look great it has been out of reach for many people. Making luxuries more accessible is a big trend right now across all industries, but that is especially true for the home renovation market. Your home should be your castle, and now thanks to Fusion Stone you can afford to make it one!

Stone is one of the world’s oldest building materials, but today, thanks to Fusion Stone, it is a trendy and modern choice that offers consumers a wide variety of benefits that suit multiple needs.

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