5 tips to avoid delays in your building projects

June 1, 2023

No one wants delays – and their costly consequences – on a construction project. While some delays are more avoidable than others, here are some ways to help your contracting business stay on track.

Create clear and careful plans

Make sure to plan schedules to account for a full job turn around – including time for approvals from clients and time to get permits and inspections completed. Add a little contingency time to cover small unavoidable setbacks.

Look back at past projects for an idea of what’s realistic, see where things got delayed and look ahead to anticipate what could affect your estimate further down the line, such as supplier delays or lots of jobs stretching your crew too thin. Some businesses find software can be a valuable investment to make this step easier and more accurate.

Prepare for the unexpected

Sure, you can’t control for delays due to the weather, natural disasters or sudden illnesses. But you can have a plan in place to be prepared in case such an event happens.

Bake flexibility into your schedule so that you can pivot to another task when your planned day to pour concrete is too humid. Can you do a task indoors or prep paperwork for the next job or stage of this project? Don’t let this be a day of scrambling – have options ready ahead of time in case life doesn’t cooperate.

Play it safe

Of course, safety protocols exist for a reason, but when it feels like they’re slowing you down, remember that they prevent greater delays that would occur from an accident. So, make sure to have what you need for a safe job site on hand. And that goes beyond eye protection and proper footwear.

When the forecast warns of extreme heat like we’re facing across the country, you need to factor in a few safety steps. A slower pace and extra water breaks in a shady spot for a few days are better than your crew succumbing to heat stroke and needing time off. Heat stroke is actually a medical emergency, and those working outside are particularly at risk.

Build up your team

Most of us know there’s a labour shortage in the construction industry. Putting in some extra work to effectively forecast the labour you need a few months ahead will help you avoid scrambling for a team last-minute. Make sure your team wants to stick around too – respect and opportunity go a long way. If you are having trouble keeping or finding workers, re-assess how you hire and see what you can do to prove the benefits and opportunities that come from working with you.

Be smart about materials

Using materials that are not dependent on the weather and that you can easily source can go a surprisingly long way to help you avoid delays. Mechanically fastened stone veneer like Fusion Stone is a material that offers more flexibility in terms of installation days compared to adhered masonry – which may require coordination with a mason or specialized supplier, not to mention dry time and waiting for appropriate weather conditions. Plus, Fusion Stone is quick and easy to install using standard tools for any time-strapped contractor.

Fusion Stone is available at dealers across North America, including Lowes and Home Hardware. Find a dealer.