Trend update: The latest in outdoor kitchens

May 15, 2023

An outdoor kitchen may sound like an extravagance, but, in truth, a backyard kitchen adds incredible functionality and style to your space. Just imagine being able to enjoy your time with guests outside as you cook without having to run in and out for tools and ingredients. Instead, everything is within reach and flows into your entertaining space.

Here are trending design ideas for outdoor kitchens to inspire your dream update this year.

Cool and colourful

Outside is the perfect place to experiment with trending earthy colours like moss green and terracotta. Dusky pastel pinks and blues are also a dreamy choice. Vibrant hues are making a strong comeback in 2023 too, so try out bright pops of burnt orange, ocean blue or vivid magenta on fences, table linens, utensils and plant life.

Flow and function

Beyond a barbecue tucked onto a back deck, a great outdoor kitchen includes a prep area, a sink or tap and cold storage like a bar fridge or cooler. The cooking zone is typically filled with a barbecue, but other possibilities include a smoker or pizza oven. These aren’t simply for show – just like in your regular kitchen, zones will give your outdoor kitchen priceless functionality.

Sustainable materials

Employing eco-friendly materials in the home isn’t new, but it is a trend that’s growing as we increasingly feel the effects of climate change. Look for materials that are LEED certified to know you’re making a smarter choice for the planet – and for your comfort. Also consider refurbishing older appliances and furnishings for an eclectic and eco-friendly outdoor cooking space.

Easy access herbs

Whether your outdoor kitchen is built on a postage-stamp-sized patio or an expansive acreage, it’s super satisfying to cook with pots of your favourite herbs such as rosemary or thyme growing within arm’s reach. A kitchen garden brings their light scent, bug repellant properties and convenient access for every recipe.

All-season use

Once you’ve got an enjoyable and functional outdoor kitchen in place, it’s easy to want to spend as much time as possible cooking and entertaining out there.

To extend the use of your outdoor kitchen as a comfortable place to cook, it’s smart to have some kind of cover overhead such as a pergola or awning; a source of heat like a stone-covered outdoor fireplace; and built-in lighting for when the days begin to get shorter – not to mention keeping the party going on late summer nights. Make sure to choose materials that can withstand harsh Canadian weather.

Do it yourself

A project that you create yourself for your outdoor kitchen is something to be proud of and show off to guests. It keeps you connected with the space. Whether it’s a beautiful stone prep island, statement fire feature, stylized planter box or accented pergola column, Fusion Stone’s patented Mechanically fastened system allow you to install stone veneer like a pro with just a few simple tools.

It’s fireproof and rated for all-season use, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can be sure it will last through the years.

Learn more about how easy it is to install Fusion Stone in our installation guid