An Informed Customer is a Great Customer

December 3, 2019

The more a prospective customer knows about a great product the more likely they are to develop an appreciation for it and ultimately purchase it. We are completely confident in the quality of Fusion Stone and want to be sure that those in the market for thin stone veneer are given the opportunity to become believers as well.

Below are some of the things we are doing to help make learning about Fusion Stone easy and accessible.

It is no secret that a web site is often the first stop when researching a product. The Fusion Stone website has been developed and is constantly optimized to give consumers a quick and useful experience. You can easily learn about our product line, Great Lakes for example, or take a look at installation videos. We have included a Frequently Asked Questions section, detailed Architectural Resources and quick access to a Fusion Stone Dealer. With a click you can even get details about our Lifetime Warranty.

As helpful as a web site may be, there is nothing quite like seeing and touching the actual product. To address this requirement, Fusion Stone has developed several product displays. Two of the more common ones are in-bay displays that are utilized in big box retailers and a free-standing display that appears most frequently in smaller retail and dealer locations.

The in-bay display features several physical samples of the actual product colours, together with imagery of finished projects, work in progress and accessory items.

The free-standing display is a more compact display but no less helpful than the in-bay display in providing the information most customers are looking for when making a purchase decision. This attractive unit features physical samples that slide in and out of the display for easy, up close review as well as project images and a list of product benefits.

So, when looking for details about Fusion Stone, there are lots of resources. If you still have questions, give us a call at 800. 265.3174. We’re here to help.