Canada’s Fusion Stone Benefits Canadian Consumers

September 9, 2015

Do you know where Shallow Lake, Ontario is? Located off Georgian Bay, it’s where Shouldice Designer Stone sources and manufactures materials for Fusion Stone. North America has the best natural deposits of raw materials in the world and Canada, in particular, is world renowned for high quality aggregates and stones. The local stones found off Georgian Bay’s peninsula are shipped around the world on a daily basis.  Shouldice Designer Stone uses these same local Canadian materials in their manufacturing process.

Shouldice Designer Stone began in 1947 as a family owned business. Now in its third generation it is still 100 per cent Canadian and family owned. The company (and family) is proud of its Canadian heritage and products. “The ingredients that go into our manufacturing are Canadian,” says Steve Shouldice, vice president of Shouldice Designer Stone. “It’s a personal thing, but we have too much Canadian pride to go overseas, so we stick with Canadian ingredients.”

The high-quality Canadian materials which are used in Fusion Stone products make this company unique. The quality of aggregate and other local products is so high because it comes from the company’s own local source. “We take pride in this generational supply,” Shouldice says. “We’ve been around for almost 70 years and our materials haven’t changed over this time. The stone we use comes from close to home.”

Because all natural aggregates used in manufacturing Fusion Stone are located at the manufacturing complexes, the overall environmental impact of producing Fusion Stone is low. This local Canadian supply of high quality materials provides important benefits to consumers. Fusion Stone helps homeowners and commercial builders meet the requirements for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliance because the product is manufactured in such a controlled, environmentally conscious manner.

Strict control during the manufacturing process means:

  • Capturing, treating and recycling aggregate materials to ensure minimal environmental impact
  • The maximum percentage of recycled raw materials that will not affect the quality of the stone are used
  • No toxic emissions are produced during manufacturing
  • All excess water used during manufacturing is treated and reused

The end result is a high quality, durable, strong, environmentally friendly product that is produced within Canada, by Canadians, using Canadian products.