Fusion Stone – Versatility Without Limit

September 22, 2015

Fusion Stone comes with a long list of benefits that includes the ease of DIY, a lifetime guarantee, three gorgeous profiles, multiple colour choices, affordability, and overall great value.

As awesome and compelling as this list may be there is another aspect of Fusion Stone that just keeps on giving – versatility. The wide range of applications is only limited by your imagination and creativity. You are not restricted to simply inside or outside but rather unlimited as to where, how and to what extent you choose to feature Fusion Stone.

We have gathered together a few projects to help demonstrate how diverse the possibilities are. Take a look but don’t let these examples cramp your style. Rather, use them to stimulate the creative juices within and then feel free to take your expressive self wherever it wants to go. Enjoy!

Ultimate Wine Cellar

This project was done by well known contractor and DIY expert Jim Caruk. Fusion Stone has been used in the hallway and for the intimate tasting nook. It is hard to imagine a more perfect pairing between the history and romance that wine evokes and the ancient durability and rugged beauty of Fusion Stone.

Super Fireplace

There are fireplaces and there are fireplaces but this one is really something. It would have been pretty great to just build the TV into the wall but to include the fireplace as well takes this project to a whole other level. What a great way to update the age old appeal of a fireplace with modern day electronics without losing on ounce of the cozy attraction a fireplace is intended to elicit.

Gone Fishin’

When is a wall not a wall? Take a look a this and you’ll have your answer. Not only is this beautifully imaginative but what a fantastic conversation piece. It’s hard not to admire this clever way of showing off the fluid nature of a sizeable aquarium against a solid and equally gorgeous backdrop of Fusion Stone.

BBQ Gone Wild

How’s this for extending a basic backyard feature into something quite irresistible. A brick oven complete with roof and chimney all faced with Fusion Stone. This setting just begs to be appreciated and used. Pizza anyone?

Roughin’ it – Sort of

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors – especially on a patio beside a quiet lake. Better still is the addition of a modern, yet rustic, covered bar and attached utility room that combines the natural beauty and durability of both wood and stone. Fusion Stone has turned this awesome structure into something truly exciting.

Home as Castle or is it Castle as HomeWe really love this one. This is a very large home that has been almost entirely faced in Fusion Stone. It proves the point that Fusion Stone isn’t just for half walls or accents. It looks great on even the largest applications including your own personal turret.

Business Not So Usual

Just before you conclude that Fusion Stone is only for personal residences take a look at these. These are only two of many businesses that have chosen Fusion Stone. They understand that not only do they get a durable, sophisticated look that will last but one that their accountants will approve as well. Pretty savvy.

And Now for Something Completely DifferentThis may not be the most beautiful use that Fusion Stone has ever been put to but it sure is the most unusual – so far. This is one of several solar panel “residences” in Ashton, Ontario. Each has been set up as an apartment to be leased or rented. The array, consisting of 216 solar panels, rotates following the sun to capture as much light as possible.

Fusion Stone is proud to be part of this environment-friendly endeavour that is managed by our customer, Cavanagh Construction of Ottawa.

Wow, is there no end to the possibilities with Fusion Stone? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Why don’t you visit our website. Then, visit your local building supplies retailer to select the Fusion Stone that’s just right for your eye-popping project. Have fun.