DIY home improvement projects to tackle this fall

September 1, 2022

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself newbie or an expert home handyman, autumn is the perfect season to dig into a project. Summer vacations are over, school is in session, and the weather is comfortable and dry.

Find inspiration for your next home update with these easy and rewarding projects you can complete hassle-free before winter arrives.

Update your attic

It can be downright dangerous to work in an attic during the summer months. Cooler fall days are a much better time to start any project or to purge items you’ve stored there. While you’re in the attic, check insulation and look for any air leaks or potential pest entrances, and seal them to prevent critters getting cozy. Just make sure they aren’t inside already first. Remember not to seal up vents as those are essential for air circulation and prevention of mould.

Enhance your exterior

Now is the time to enjoy outdoor home improvement projects ahead of winter’s snow, ice and short daylight hours. Replacing your faded siding with stylish and long-lasting mortar-free stone veneer offers a high-impact DIY exterior. Redoing your fencing, fixing up your garage or replacing a few missing shingles are also all doable and satisfying outside projects for fall. Take your pick and get started.

Revitalize your kitchen cabinets

Before you begin hosting holiday parties this winter, try your hand at refacing your kitchen cabinets. It’s an affordable way to give this important space a whole new look for less time, money and hassle than a full remodel.

Simply remove the doors, sand everything down and then repaint or stain. Check the cupboard’s current finish beforehand and follow the instructions on your new primer and paint. Be sure to ventilate the area if you choose to work indoors.

Finally, top off the look with some snazzy new hardware to create an incredible before and after transformation.

Draft-proof your windows

While they may not have bothered you in the summer, you are sure to feel frosty effects of any unsealed nooks and crannies in your home come winter if you don’t take action.

Examine your doors and windows before a cold snap arrives and do any weatherstripping, fresh caulking or other necessary steps to keep out cold air. Weatherstripping can become less effective over time so it’s worth checking every few years.

Now’s also a good time to replace your windows if they’re the old, single-pane type. Your future self will thank you – for the cut to your energy bills on top of having a snug and cozy home.

Modernize your fireplace

Do you enjoy curling up near a roaring fire once days get shorter and temperatures dip? The fireplace can be the heart of the home, but a dated or ugly surround and mantel can ruin even the most stylish and comfortable room.

Updating a fireplace can be a highly rewarding project that adds polish to your space and a warm and inviting energy. And while you could always slap some paint on the front, that often provides very little overall help in the looks department. For a more gratifying makeover with greater bang for your buck, opt to reface the fireplace surround completely.

It’s not as hard as you may think; with easy-to-install, mechanically-fastened Fusion Stone, you can achieve an Instagram-worthy, epic stone fireplace without having to mess about with mortar or sacrifice on looks.

Get inspired for your stone fireplace update in our project gallery.