Fall Project Ideas that Use Fusion Stone

August 20, 2019

Summer is in full swing, and we hope you’ve had a great one so far. Now, we would never want to rush summer, but planning ahead for some future DIY projects around the house is a smart idea. Fall is an excellent time to take on home reno projects to ensure your home looks amazing and is ready to entertain once the holiday season approaches. Here are some great project ideas to take on this fall.

Interior project ideas

Kitchen – Kitchens are one of the most heavily used rooms of a home, especially during the holidays, so consider adding a little colour and visual contrast to yours. Add one of our Fusion Stone products as a small or large section of a backsplash to create a rustic appeal. Or if you have an island in your kitchen, attach stone veneer to the whole thing (or just a border) to really make it stand out.

Bedroom – Nothing brings a little of the outdoors inside like a stone accent wall. You have so many options with this concept. You can add a half wall behind your bed, border a fireplace or do a full wall. However you choose to use it, with Fusion Stone your bedroom will offer reinvented beauty without having to do a complete overhaul.

Living room or rec room – If you’re looking for a way to add some contour and style to your living room or rec room, we’ve got you covered. You can turn an ordinary fireplace into an epic center piece with a stone veneer mantle, front hearth or by adding Fusion Stone to the wall behind the fireplace. This upgrade will really emphasize the beauty of the fireplace, while enhancing the overall feel of the room.

Exterior project ideas

Home exterior – If you want to give your home a subtle facelift, consider infusing one of our products onto the exterior of your home. It can be used to add fluid contrast between preexisting brick, wood or siding, or it can be used on a larger scale to completely revamp your home’s appearance to create a whole new look that also improves overall curb appeal.

Sitting area/patio – Have you caught yourself looking around your patio or backyard and wondering “how can I make this even better?” No matter the space, stone veneer can help you create an area that will leave your family and friends speechless. Whether you’re creating the structure of a green wall, adding a stone veneer border around the base or steps of your patio, or creating privacy walls around your sitting area, adding Fusion Stone to your landscape is a great outdoor fall project. The beauty of stone veneer intertwines so well with all other materials, your imagination really is the limit.

Front entrance – The front entrance of your home is like the first words you say to a stranger. It sets the tone for what the rest of your house says about you. So, make as grand a statement as possible by adding some veneer to the columns or pillars on your front porch. It gives off an aura of strength and sturdiness, like that of an ancient castle. You could also make your doorway pop by enriching it with the aid of a veneer border or trim. Fusion Stone is a great way to personalize the thickness and colour of your entrance way to make sure all who enter feel in awe.

Looking to plan a fall project that incorporates Fusion Stone around your home? Find a dealer near you or contact us for more ideas.

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