Four Simple, DIY Projects to Transform Your Living Room

October 26, 2016

Let’s face it, with our long, cold Canadian winters we spend more time indoors than most of us would like. If you are going to be inside, you may as well enjoy your home’s living space. Here are four simple and trendy DIY projects that will transform your living room and keep you busy this winter:

1. Build a Fusion Stone Accent Wall

Want to transform your living room, but you’re not sure how? A Fusion Stone accent wall is a simple project that you can take on yourself. A stone accent wall makes a room feel modern and professional, or rustic and warm depending on the style of stone you choose (and of course on the room’s decor).  A stone accent wall brings the outdoors in, and is perfect for living rooms, studies and even bedrooms.

Although a stone accent wall may look like a major project, you won’t have to do any serious renovations, and you’ll only need basic tools. Most people would be able to add a stone accent wall in under a weekend, and Fusion Stone comes with detailed instructions so it is perfect if you are looking for a DIY project that is a bit more challenging than slapping some paint on the walls, but still manageable.

2. Replace Your Light Fixtures

A great way to transform your living room is to combine recessed lighting with your accent wall. Changing your ceiling fixtures will help you see your room in a new light…literally! It may seem pretty trivial at first, but your light fixtures really set the tone for your entire room.

Brighter lights make a room feel sleek and modern, whereas dimmer lights make it feel warm and cozy. Many people dislike florescent lights because they lack the warm colour of incandescent or halogen lights, but also want to save energy. Adding a dimmer is a great compromise. A dimmer will extend the life of your non-florescent lights, reduce energy consumption, and provide rich lighting that can be adjusted to the appropriate mood.

A light fixture with clean lines, limited detail, and modern design made of glass, aluminum, steel, or chrome will give your room a contemporary feel. For a more traditional feel make a statement with a chandelier, table and floor lamps, or wall scones.

Recessed lighting (pot lights) is a more neutral option that can work with both a modern and more traditional theme. If you have a feature wall that you want to highlight, then recessed lighting is your best option.

3. Use Slip Covers

Slip covers are a great ‘life-hack’ that can transform your living room in almost no time, with a small budget.

A plain white slipcover will add a modern, clean feel to your old furniture. If you have children or pets, then white might not be the best choice for you – but stick with solid covers if you can – they generally work best in rooms with other patterns. If you are looking to combine a slipcover with a stone accent wall, then you should stick with a neutral colour as you don’t want to draw attention away from the room’s natural focal point.

Use lighter colours for modern designs, and darker colours for a more traditional feel, but remember you can’t choose your slipcover in isolation, you have to make sure that it complements the room. Before choosing your slipcover bring home some fabric samples and see what works best with your lighting and accent wall.

4) Upcycle



Don’t just recycle, upcycle! Buying an old piece of furniture from a garage sale and sprucing it up is a great DIY project to give your living room a memorable twist. Upcycling objects by sanding them, painting them, and reimagining them to fit your room’s theme allows you endless possibilities – the only limit is your imagination!

Combining a stone accent wall and upcycled materials is a great combination. Both bridge the gap between rustic and modern, old and new, and combined with the right lighting and slip covers can transform your living room!

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