Not So Common Backyard Shed

March 18, 2020

Backyard sheds are a very common sight because they perform a very useful purpose. You have probably noticed that many of them have a very common look. And by common we don’t necessarily mean similar so much as uninspired. That need not be the case.

Our feature project this month takes the common backyard shed and, with a little inspiration and some help from Fusion Stone turns it into a thing of beauty without sacrificing a bit of functionality.

In this blog we are going to demonstrate just how easy it is to install Fusion Stone to create a result you can take pride in and that everyone else will admire. You can also find more How to Install Fusion Stone information here. And don’t forget to check out the step-by-step installation videos and the helpful FAQ section on the Fusion Stone website.

Step One
Install Fusion Stone over a plywood or OSB substrate. Ensure that the substrate has been covered in a code approved, breathable, weather resistant barrier (not required on interior installations).

Step Two
Install the Starter Strips. Starter Strips are used at the base of all jobs as well as above any openings (windows and doors). Level and install the Starter Strips using the stainless-steel screws provided.

Step Three
Install the Fusion Stone corners. Begin installing Fusion Stone at the corner. As you build the corner ensure that you alternate short and long sides.

Step Four
Complete installing the stone. Continue to lay the stone, by following our detailed instructions, until the installation is complete.

Voila! This beauty, installed with Fusion Stone Great Lakes in the popular Raven colour is a site to behold. The multi-hues of Raven are a fantastic complement to the grey and white that dominate the balance of this talk of the neighbourhood shed.

For more information about Fusion Stone please visit or call 800.265.3174.